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Wine Color Tuxedos

wine color tuxedo When it comes to formal garments black is a color that is mostly preferred especially with tuxedos. But if you are a person who is already bored with the usual black tuxedos look then it you can try out other colored tuxedos. The colored tuxedos were not very much preferred in the olden times but in recent men are more open in dressing choices and thus it is the right time to try out colored tuxedos look. In this article we are going discuss about one such colored tuxedo with is wine color tuxedos and some styling tips for it.

There are some events where the black tuxedos are a must like black tie events. But if you are dressing for semi formal and casual events which does not have strict dress codes then you can go with wine color tuxedos. The shade of the wine color tuxedos is the main factor that projects the overall look. When you want a formal look then go with dark shades of wine color tuxedos. The wine color in itself gives a rich and elegant look which is best for formal events. If you want a slightly casual look then you can go with comparatively lighter shades of wine color tuxedos.

wine color tuxedo Wine color tuxedos are a good choice for men who would like to try on a different style than black tuxedos if you are the groom for the wedding. The shade of red on the wine color tuxedos look great when under natural light. Thus it is best to go with wine color tuxedos for summer weddings and other events. The advantage with the wine color tuxedos is that the dark shade works great under artificial light thus it is a good choice even for events that are held after sundown.

As for styling the wine color tuxedos you can opt to go with the full wine color tuxedos or instead go with separates. Wine color looks great when paired with black and thus you can use this to your advantage. For example you can pair the wine color tuxedo jacket with white dress shirt, black dress pants and black bow tie. For a furthermore formal look you can add a black vest to the mix.

If you want a formal look then go with peak lapel wine color tuxedos. But if you want a dressy look that you can wear to weddings you can go with shawl lapel tuxedos. This look can be further enhanced when you choose wine color tuxedos with black lapels. Other than this there is also options like wine color tuxedos with gold or navy lapels.

The material of the wine red tuxedos is also an important factor that you will have to note. If you want a formal look then go for wool tuxedos or cotton tuxedos. But if you are getting the garment for special occasions then go with luxurious ones like velvet wine color tuxedos and silk tuxedos.