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Light Blue Tuxedo

Light Blue Tuxedo Most of the men who own a tuxedo, might be possible that you own a black one. This is because of the fact that the black tuxedo have been the norm of the formal events ever since their origin. But if you are a person who loves fashion and one who likes to observe the trends and trying them out, then chances are high that you are already bored with the black tuxedo style. Yes, they are great and also look impeccable but everything needs spicing up now and then. Same is true for the tuxedo style and the required change is starting to happen.

If you are a fan of award events and other fashion shows you can see a lot of celebrities rocking colored tuxedos styles on the red carpet and the runways. This was not the case for a long time and thus is the proof that the fashion world and people on the whole are becoming accepting to the trends and fashions. But when it comes to tuxedos, it is a formal style nonetheless and therefore it is important to style it properly even when you induce fashion changes in it.

Light Blue Tuxedo A blue tuxedo is a good choice when it comes to these things since blue as a color is only seen as second best to the black itself. There was even a time in history when the black tuxedos was fully replaces with blue tuxedos since they looked better under the artificial light when compared with the former. Also, the main advantage with blue tuxedos is that you can choose from the variety of shades of blue available which is not an option when it comes to black tuxedos. There are many shades of blue tuxedos like midnight blue tuxedo, light blue tuxedo, navy blue tuxedo and many such shades.

A light blue tuxedo is one of the most elegant and stylish garments that is available in the mens wear fashion. The light blue tuxedo instantly makes you look dressed up and also handsome. The light blue tuxedo is a good choice when you want to showcase your individuality and stand out among the sea of black tuxedos. This is why that this light blue tuxedo style is one that is most preferred when it comes to fashion designers or celebrities attending formal events. But that does not mean that the light blue tuxedo look is only for the celebrities and the sartorially elite ones. Anyone who has a little sense of style and confidence in their choice can easily rock the light blue tuxedo style. That being said, there are few rules to follow and mistakes to avoid when trying out the light blue tuxedo look.

Light Blue Tuxedo As we said before the shade of the blue tuxedo is important and when selecting the shade you will have to consider the event for which you are purchasing the blue tuxedo. For example if you are trying out the blue tuxedo look for a formal event in place of black tuxedo then it may be best for you to stick with darker shades of blue tuxedo. For these type of events, a midnight blue tuxedo would work better than a light blue tuxedo. The darker shade increases the formal factor of the tuxedo and thus makes you look elegant and stylish at the same time.

Now if you are purchasing the blue tuxedo for a semi formal event like a wedding then the rules are different. On this sense you will have to consider the type of wedding and the season at which it is scheduled to happen. If the wedding is a formal affair or a winter wedding then you can go with darker shades of blue tuxedos. But if the wedding is a semi formal one or one that is scheduled in summer then the options are more. The thing with summer weddings is that they mostly happen in outdoor settings like in garden weddings or better yet beach weddings. This means that there is an abundance of natural light and thus you can try out styles that you would normally avoid in winter or formal settings. Also light and bright colored garments look great in the natural light giving way for best pictures. In this case of an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding you can go with choices like royal blue tuxedo or a light blue tuxedo. If you are the groom it is important that you look the best on your special day. You can try out the light blue tuxedo look so that you will look great and also easily stand out from the crowd of guests in dark colored tuxedos.

Light Blue Tuxedo When going with the light blue tuxedo look the details on the garment is one of the most important things to note. Peak lapels on the light blue tuxedo is a good look since the peak lapel is a nod to formal look and the light blue color on casual style thus creating a balance. Light blue tuxedo for events like weddings can have a shawl collar which is less formal look when compared with the peak lapels. You can go with shawl collar or peak lapel that is of the same color and shade as of the light blue tuxedo or in a contrasting one. Light blue tuxedo with black shawl collar is a famous look when you want your look to be stylish. You can also go with other colored lapel on the light blue tuxedo but black is the most preferred choice.

As for the color of the shirt to pair with the light blue tuxedo, all white tuxedo always is a good choice. You can also go with a three piece light blue tuxedo look with a white shirt and a blue vest. Another added advantage with light blue tuxedo style is that the patterns on the light blue tuxedo look great. Floral patterns and paisley patterns are some among the famous styles when it comes to patterned light blue tuxedos.