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Blue Tuxedo Jacket

Blue Tuxedo JacketIf people are being asked to name one versatile color in menswear we think that blue would secure most of the votes. Of course black has been the signature style of menswear till now but when you include blue in the equation the outfit becomes much more interesting than the black outfit. This might be mainly because of the fact that blue is actually a color while black remains in the neutral spectrum. People usually go with styling the tuxedo for the formal events only but recently styling it as separates have become quite popular. Today we will discuss more about blue tuxedo jacket and how you can use the style for various events.

Blue Tuxedo Jacket While the blue tuxedo jackets are obviously a formal style you can also style it for the semi formal and casual events given that you have the right combining garments. There is no fixed right way to style these blue tuxedo jackets casually and it would be best if you start to experiment a bit with the style. This would help you get used to the style and find ways in which you can style it as per your taste. Mens blue tuxedo jackets aren't too different from the formal blue blazers except the fact that they come with the satin lapels. This would be the highlight of the garment and thus the blue tuxedo jacket outfit might look out of place when it comes to much casual events like summer beach parties and such. Thus decide on the event first and choose the one where the outfit might not look too much.

You don't have to worry too much with the relevance of blue tuxedo jacket outfits since the blue blazers have been in use for a long time now in menswear. Of course every man would have a navy or blue shaded blazer in their wardrobe and thus it has become a common style. You would find it blending in with almost any atmosphere when styled right. While you select the blue tuxedo jacket make sure that you go with the right shade.

Blue Tuxedo Jacket In most cases you would have the dark blue tuxedo suit in your wardrobe since it is the most formal style that most would prefer since it is a tuxedo. Styling the dark blue tuxedo jacket with casual combining garments is not very hard since the shade pairs well with almost all colors. If you are looking for a groom outfit but do not want to go with the usual choice of the formal tuxedo then you can choose to style the dark blue velvet tuxedo jacket with slightly casual combining garments. This would offer you a fresh look and also make you stand out from the rest of the tuxedo wearing guests.

Other than the dark blue tuxedo jackets you can also choose to go with the brighter shades like royal blue tuxedo jackets or electric blue tuxedo jackets when the event is special. Usually these brighter shades are recommended for the groom but you can also wear them for events where you don't mind being the best dressed person. As for the light blue tuxedo jackets they are rare since people always prefer tuxedos in darker colors. But if you are looking to style the outfit for a casual event like a summer wedding then you can choose to style the light blue tuxedo dinner jacket with black lapels with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This is a cool look since the contrasting would work much better than the full light blue tuxedo look.

Blue Tuxedo Jacket If you are picking out the blue wedding tuxedo suit or tuxedo jacket for any of the occasions it is important to note the fabric. Usually people go with wool tuxedos and this is our recommendation since wool tuxedos have a good drape. Lightweight styles like cotton or linen tuxedo jackets are also available but they tend to flail too much and create an unprofessional look. Other than this silk tuxedo jackets and velvet tuxedo jackets would also be great choices for the special occasions. If you are looking for a casual look then try new styles like blue denim tuxedo jacket or such.

As for styling the classic blue tuxedo jacket there are different ways in which you can make the outfit work. For example you can choose to go with the original formal styling of the garment with little changes. For example styling the blue tuxedo jacket mens with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants would be a nice break from the usual look. But if you want the look to be more different then you can choose to style the blue tuxedo Jacket with the casual combining garments too. Here are some of the contemporary blue tuxedo jacket outfit ideas which might get you going with your own ideas.

Blue Tuxedo Jacket You can bring on the change starting from the garment itself. For example most people go with the single breasted tuxedo jacket since it is the most common choice. But if you want the look to be different then try choosing the double breasted tuxedo jacket over the single breasted styles. Double breasted tuxedo jacket paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of black skinny pants would be a magazine worthy look to try out.

Other than this there is also a great preference for the mens 3 piece blue tuxedo look with the matching vest. But instead of the blue tuxedo vest mens you can introduce a different colored vest to create a contrasting look. Our recommendation would be to go with black vest since blue and black contrasts each other well while also providing a neat look. If you are quite impressed with the garment and would want to try it for yourself then you can start with blue tuxedo jacket rental. Once you find your style you can get one of your own.