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Blue And Black Blazer

Blue And Black Blazer Dressing up is a thing we do almost everyday but when there is a formal event involved we all get nervous a little. Instead of choosing the same styles like navy suits and grey suits over and over again it is important to find your own style. This would only be possible with trial and error and today we have the best garment to carry out this experiment of yours. Blue and black are the ones that you should think of adding to your wardrobe since these are easy colors to experiment. In this article we will talk more about blue and black outfits and the right ways to style them.

The reason why black blazers are recommended is because of our acquaintance with the colors. Black has been associated with menswear as the ideal color for over centuries and blue is the one that men feel most comfortable with especially if you are a working man. Blue has become the unofficial color embraced by our workplaces and thus it is inevitable that we have enough blue garments in our wardrobe. If you need to start experimenting with your style you should start with the ones that you feel most comfortable with. Thus there is no better choice than to style the blue blazer outfits.

Blue And Black Blazer There are a lot of ways in which you can style the blue and black blazer outfits. Suits might restrict you with the designated styles but that isn’t the case with the blazers. You have the liberty to choose the style of the combining garments that would suit your style. Thus think about the styles that you already have in the wardrobe so that you get the hang of things. Blue and black is a good combination to start with since both the colors complement each other well and thus styling shouldn’t be much of a problem.

You can style the black and blue blazer combination for almost any events be it formal or casual. Find the appropriate combining garments and you will be ready to go. Also there are various shades in blue and each provides a different kind of look. For example dark shades like navy and midnight blue are considered formal while the brighter shades are considered dressy. Depending on the event you are attending make the right choice. Here are some of the ideas for the styling of the blazer outfits and we hope that it might help you.

Blue And Black Blazer Starting with the most formal choice you can style the blue dinner blazer with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This outfit can be completed with a pair of patent leather black formal shoes. But this is the standard outfit that everyone chooses to go with. If you want to add your own touch to it then we would suggest you to choose velvet blue dinner jacket with black lapels since it complements the combining garments much better. You can complete this blue and black velvet blazer outfit with a pair of black velvet loafers. This is an outfit that would work even for the black tie events if styled right.

If you are looking for a slightly less formal style of the combination then there are a lot outfits that you can even wear go your workplace. Starting with the easiest one style the blue blazer with a white dress shirt, a black tie and a pair of black dress pants. This is an outfit that anyone can pull off with minimal effort. On the other hand if the day is slightly chilly and you need an extra garment to keep warm then we would suggest you to choose styling the blue blazer with a white dress shirt, a black sweater vest and then a pair of black dress pants. This blue blazer black dress vest is a cool style for the winter and fall season. It would make you look dressed up and another advantage is the fact that you can wear the outfit even without the jacket. For example if you are feeling stuffy in the office you can lose the blazer and still you would look dressed up because of the sweater vest.

Another choice is to simply style the blue blazer with the black sweater or black turtleneck. This is indeed a much casual choice when compared to the dress shirt outfit but is now becoming greatly popular. If you are looking for a smart casual blazer mens outfit then this is a perfect choice for you.

 Blazer While these are the usual outfit choices when there is a special occasion involved then you will have to ramp up your style a little bit. For example if it is a wedding and you are the groom then you would be looking for a blue and black wedding jacket outfit that will distinguish you from the crowd and keep the attention on you. In that case we would suggest you to go with the luxurious fabric choices like silk blazers or velvet blazers. For example a silk blue and black suit paired with a white tuxedo shirt would be a simple yet smart look.

On the other hand if you love contemporary looks then we would suggest you to choose patterns on the outfits. Patterns on the blue blazer can easily be complemented with the black combining garments. For example you can choose to go with blue and black floral blazer for the groom outfit. A royal blue floral blazer paired with a white shirt and black dress pants is a cool style. If the event is semi formal then you can choose to go with more formal patterns like blue and black striped blazer or blue and black plaid blazer. Instead of choosing white dress shirts you can swap it with a black dress shirt if it is a cocktail event.