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Casual Blazers

Blue BlazerBlazers are one of the most versatile garments in a mens wardrobe. Having two or more casual blazers in your wardrobe can give your collections a new twist. These blazers are simple smart classic garments that can make you look cool instantly. The main advantage with these blazers is that you can easily dress them up or down and make it work with almost any garment. So if you already don't have one it is best to go shopping for blazers.

The casual blazers are softer and easier to wear when compared with the formal blazers. In the blazers the shoulder padding and chest canvassing are usually absent. As for the lining, it is provided in half or is completely avoided when it comes to blazers. All this makes the blazers to be light in weight and easier to wear. Most of the time these blazers tend to weigh like a medium to heavyweight shirt. Thus blazers are the best choice when you want a garment that gives a formal look while at the same time not uncomfortable to wear.

White BlazerThe material from which the casual blazers are made from forms an important part in the styling of the blazers. For example if you are going with wool blazers apart from using them as formal garment you can also use them as jackets in chilly days. During summer it is best to go with lightweight ones like linen blazers and cotton blazers. These lightweight blazers will help you through the casual events like cocktail parties and beach weddings. For a more stylish look you can go with casual party wear blazers for men. If you want to go with cheap mens blazers you can go with synthetic ones like polyester blazers.

When you are styling the blazers always go with relaxed look. You can pair the blazers with the informal garments for a blended look. For a casual look that you can wear to your date or church service you can pair the blazers with a classic crew neck t-shirt and dark jeans or trousers. You can complete the look by pairing the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. For cold months you can swap the t-shirt with a fitted merino wool Cardigan. Other than this you can also go with patterned blazers for a more stylish look.

Blue BlazersWhen you are styling the blazers for a smart casual look make sure to dress according to the event that you are attending. The blazers are by nature casual garments and to balance the look you can pair them with tailored chinos and a button down shirt. Other than this you can also pair the blazers with a polo shirt and a pair of loafers. This is a smart casual look that can be great for most semi formal and casual events like meetings to weddings. When you wear the blazers for this smart casual look it is better to skip the tie since the look does not demand it.

As for a smart styling of blazers it can be easily dressed up. Remember that you are not going with the formal suits looks and therefore it is best to go with separates. You can pair the blazers with tailored flat trousers that is of a contrasting shade than the blazer. You can go with wool or cotton blend blazers since it will give you a better drape. You can pair these blazers with a button down shirt and a soft knitted tie. Though it is not a suit you need to go with the best fit of blazers that you can find. If you are a short and fit person then you can go with slim fit blazers since it can make you look taller and leaner. If you are on the taller and bigger side then you can go with classic fit blazers. As for the shoes to pair for the smart blazers you can wear classic ones like Oxfords and Derbies for a touch of formality.

As for the events that you can wear the blazers it depends on your styling. If you style the blazers right you can even wear them to formal events in case of emergency. This is one of the charms of the blazers that make them popular among men. If you are going for a party with your friend or a weekend plan you can go with blazers with t-shirt and jeans look. Pair them with accessories like a watch and a backpack for a cool look.

At the same time you can wear the blazers for a date night or a cocktail party by styling it with a pair of dark wash jeans and a mens dress shirt. Wear the shirt tucked in and add a leather belt along with a pair of Oxfords or brogues. In these cases you can add a skinny tie but try to knot it loosely since the tie is more of a fashion statement rather than it being it for formal purpose.

As for the fit of the blazers it is best to go with a slightly bigger one especially if it is a lightweight one. In these cases you can use this blazers in winter by adding layers under the garment. A tight fitting casual blazer does not accommodate the thick sweaters and would give you a bulky look. Also you can also wear the blazers with a vest. 3 piece blazers can be a good look for the formal events like weddings and family gatherings. Two piece set blazers are best for any semi formal and casual purposes. For office setting blazers it is best to go with 2 button blazers or single button blazers. So it is best to add modern casual blazers to your wardrobe.