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Brown Corduroy Blazer

Brown Corduroy Blazer Corduroy blazers are considered to be a perennial clothing since you can easily style the garment for any season. If you are looking for a garment that is different from the usual navy and grey blazers then you should be choosing brown corduroy blazers. Though they might be sometimes considered to be a rustic middle age professor style they are still one of the favorites among men (also professors also have become quite cool nowadays – at least with Netflix). We are here to convince you about getting a mens brown corduroy blazer if you don’t have one and if you already have one you could learn to use it in different ways by the end of thus article.

Though the corduroy blazers are considered to be a country style when you know to select the garment right they still could deliver a trendy look. Thus it is recommended of you to spend some time in finding a style that you think would work for you. This will help you get a versatile garment that delivers properly for the money you spent on it. If we have convinced you about getting a brown corduroy mens then here are some tips which might make the process easier for you.

While as mentioned the corduroy blazers could work for any seasons they are most preferred for autumn and winter. The color of the garment is one thing that most people note on the first glance. Thus when you choose the corduroy blazers you would always be recommended to go with classic colors. Since it is still a classic garment colors like rich marine blue and brown can look great on it. The shade of the brown corduroy matters a lot. You might be used to the subtle clothing but with corduroy it’s all in the texture. Thus we would suggest you to go with the slightly vibrant shades like teddy bear brown rather than the dark brown shades. There are obviously a 1000 other choices and you should take your time to find the one that suits you.

If you already have a blazer jacket or brown Corduroy coat mens in your wardrobe then make sure that you maintain it right. Corduroy isn’t like leather which would look better with time. The mens blazer should always be crisp and make sure to throw away the worm out ones. This way your look would also be clean and trendy.

Another thing that you should note with the blazers or any corduroy garment for that matter is the wale on it. You might notice a rib like thing on the corduroy fabrics and this is called the wale. These wales come in different sizes and we would recommend for you to go with the thin or medium ones. The thicker wales on the blazer makes it look outdated.

Other than this go for the proper fit. It might be tempting to get all snuggly with the corduroy garments but remember that they are bulkier by nature. Whether be it the brown corduroy blazers or brown Corduroy sports jacket make sure that they fit you properly like a wool blazer does. That way you won’t look extra bulky in the garment. Try on the garment before you buy. Sometimes we might not be satisfied with the fit even if it is the best we can get. In that time it would be better to take it to a tailor and make some alterations for it to look perfect.

Brown Corduroy Blazer Now that we have covered the basics you might know what to expect when you go purchasing for the blazers. The next thing to note is the styling aspect of the garment. You now would have the best brown corduroy that you can get but some would have problems with the styling. In that case we are here to provide you with some ideas on the styling aspects of the brown blazers.

To start with a formal style we would suggest you to style the brown corduroy with a white dress shirt, grey tie, navy vest and a pair of olive chinos. This could be cool style which you can complete with a pair of brown socks and dark brown suede loafers. If your office allows a smart casual dress code then this would be a perfect outfit to go with. If you want a much more subtle and blended in look then we would suggest you to style the brown cotton corduroy blazer with a light blue striped dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of khaki dress pants. The ensemble really pairs well when added with dark brown suede tassel loafers.

Moving on to a slightly casual styling of the garment you can style the brown corduroy sport coat with a white turtleneck and pair of navy jeans. To bring a hint of stylish nonchalance to the outfit we would recommend you to add a pair of beige canvas low top sneakers. This is a great outfit for people who have to go with formal styles but do not want to go with a suit. For an incredibly stylish look that is also easy to put together you can style the dark brown corduroy with a grey crew neck t-shirt, light blue short sleeve shirt and a pair of navy jeans. If you are feeling a bit experimental then you should try including a pair of grey canvas low top sneakers with this outfit.

For a cool and sophisticated look that you can wear to a outdoor wedding or vacation you can style the light brown corduroy with a grey striped polo and a pair of white dress pants. To easily accompany the look of the outfit a pair of brown leather loafers can be introduced. For an stylish off duty look you can style the men’s blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of navy jeans.