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Patterned Blazer

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Patterend Blazers Patterned blazers are the new trend in menswear and it is a pretty cool style that anyone can effortlessly pull off. Usually men would prefer to go with the plain styles instead of the patterned ones since the former is easier to style. But with mens patterned blazers there might be a lot of innovation involved and it would make you step out of the usual styling choices and make you try something new. With the mens fashion world embracing new things on a daily basis the inclusion of mens patterned blazers was inevitable at some point of time. In this article we will talk about patterned blazers and why you should jump fast into this fast moving trend.

The reason why the patterned blazers style has picked up is because of the fact that they conveniently rest in the middle since the patterned suits might be a huge step from the plain styles. Also there are a lot of styles available in the market and thus there is a choice for everyone. You just have to look close enough to find the one that resonates with your taste. You might start arguing with us stating that staying in par with the trend is not compulsory but the patterned blazers style seems to be likely to remain here for a long time. Thus start with something subtle and then go with the right choices.

Patterend Blazers As we have mentioned before there are a lot of styles in the patterned blazers and finding the one that will suit you isn't too much of a hassle. Most people tend to pick the first style they like but we would suggest you to explore more since it is easy to get hooked up in the comfort zone especially with the subtle patterns. Also consider the occasion you are styling for when selecting the patterned blazers.

If you are convinced about trying out the patterned blazers style and want some guidance on the picking then we have compiled some of the popular patterned blazers along with the styling ideas. We hope that this would make your choice easier and give you the confidence to atlast try out the style.

Striped patterned blazers
Patterend Blazers You might have already guessed that this would be at the top of our list since stripes are the most popular pattern in menswear. This might be because of the fact that the stripes have remained in style for over centuries and also the fact that they are the simplest patterns. You can easily style the striped patterned blazers with almost any garments and they are even accepted for the formal events.

A quality wool fabric patterned blazer with stripes can pass as your workwear on a Monday morning when styled right. As for the styling here are some ideas of striped blazer outfits for you. For a simple yet formal look you can choose to style the light bluestriped mens patterned blazer with a white dress shirt and Charcoal grey dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather dress shoes so that the outfit look formal. For a smart casual style you can style the light blue stripe 3 button blazer with a white dress shirt and white chinos. A pair of dark brown leather loafers would be perfect to pull the outfit together.

Checkered blazers
Checks are the patterns that are born from the criss crossing of the perpendicularly running stripes. There are a lot of styles in checkered blazers starting from the gingham checks to the plaid checks. Go through the styles to find the one that would suit you the best.

For example if you are looking for a formal garment that you can wear to your office then we would suggest you to go with the subtler choices like patterned windowpane blazersor gingham patterned blazers. Style these patterned blazers with the plain combining garments especially if you are a subtle dresser. Mixing of patterns are allowed but it would be best if you save it when you become an expert with the patterns. Mindless styling of two or more patterned garments can easily ruin the look of the outfit.

Plaid is a much more busy pattern when compared to windowpane and thus are mostly recommended for the semi formal and casual events. But plaid is one of the most popular styles in menswear. Plaid patterned suit can be a statement piece by itself and thus we would suggest you to style it with care.

Printed blazers
Patterend Blazers Floral patterned blazers were considered to be a women's style for a long time but with time it has gained quite a fanbase with the men. Floral patterned blazers mens are the ones that could make you stand out from the crowd of plain suit styles. If you are attending a special occasion like a wedding or such then you can choose to go with these floral blazers or printed blazers.

Two toned patterned blazers have become popular especially among people looking for groom outfits and such. While choosing the patterned blazers it would be best if you note the fabric of the garment since it also contributes to the look that is resulted.

While the wool blazers are the ones that are recommended for formal events there is also the choice of lining. If you live in a place with harsh winters then we would suggest you to go with fully linen blazers or you can go with the half lined ones. But if you are purchasing the blazers for the summer or spring occasions then we would suggest you to go with the lightweight choices like patterned linen fabric blazers or the cotton ones. While these are the usual choices these might not be satisfactory when it comes to occasions where you need to look dressed up. In these cases include a little luxury to your outfit by going with velvet patterned blazers or silk patterned blazers.