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Rayon Blazers

Blue Jacket When we purchase any garment be it a formal one like mens blazers or simply a tshirt we tend to focus on the material from which the garment is made since it greatly influences the quality of the fabric. Though the fabric is one of the many things that we consider it is one of the most important ones since if also influences the cost of the garment. Some fabrics can be expensive making some men hesitant to buy but there are also cheap and affordable ones. In this article we discuss the mens blazers and why you should consider buying one.

While there are a lot of suiting fabrics involved in the making of the mens suits and blazers most of the popular ones are the natural fabrics like wool, linen and cotton. While these natural fabric garments have great quality and durability they might be expensive. If you are on a low budget and do not mind compromising on some aspects then you can go with the synthetic fabric blazers like polyester blazers or rayon blazers.

Rayon though mostly regarded as synthetic fiber in reality isn't natural or synthetic. It is a fiber that is originally derived from a substance called cellulose. It isn't natural or synthetic since cellulose is a substance that occurs naturally. The cellulose fibers is created from the wool pulp when it is refined. The reason why we recommend you to go with mens blazers is that the rayon is a incredibly versatile fabric. Rayon is flexible in many aspects since they easily imitate the other fabrics. Rayon easily takes on the properties of the fabrics that it is paired with whether be it silk, cotton or others and thus is easier to pair with other fibers.

Black Rayon Suit Rayon is not a new fabric and has been in clothing industry for a few decades. Rayon is also the first synthetic fabric and was first commercially produced in France. They were widely used in the 1950s but the interest began to shift to others like polyester and orlon making people lose interest by the 1970s. It was once considered to be the secondary fabric to silk and now the rayon clothing are being rediscovered. Starting from the small brands to the prominent ones have all started creating their own share of rayon garments. It also helps that rayon is partly natural and is not like polyester which is made from petroleum.

Now if you are thinking of getting the men's blazers then there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. There are types of blazers and the most popular among them is the viscose rayon. There are a lot of advantages concerned with rayon. For example rayon has good breathability and moisture absorbent characteristics. This makes summer rayon a good choice and also the casual and athletic wear are also widely produced in rayon. You may argue that you can fare well with linen blazers but they are expensive and also willowy. But with rayon the cost is reduced and the material also drapes well. But with all the good things also comes the drawbacks. Rayon tend to wear out fast and thus will age poorly. Thus if you are looking for a durable garment that will last for years then 100% blazers might not be your choice. But instead you can opt to go with blended rayon in which the rayon fibers are blended with natural fibers like wool, cotton or even silk. The resulting product is more durable than the 100% rayon but will also be of higher cost. For a summer garment you can go with the cotton blazers or linen blend rayon. Thus sort out your priorities and then make the choice.

Now for the quality rayon blazer that you buy to last for a long time it may help if you maintain them right. Most of the time men are lost when it comes to laundering the blazers or any rayon garments for that fact. Most of the times the rayon is blended with other natural fabrics that the laundering might want to be altered. Since it is not a very durable garment it is best to avoid machine washing of the cheap rayon blazer since the machine washing tend to stretch, bleed or shrink the fabrics. Thus it is best time stick with hand washing and it might also help if you go through the instructions on the label of the garment. You can wash the rayon with hot water so that they won't shrink or if you wash it with cold water make sure you dry clean them so that they do not get damaged or shrink.

As for the styling of the black rayon blazers you can select the style that will suit your need the best. For example if you want a versatile garment that you can wear for both formal and casual purposes then it would be better to go with single breasted blazers. If you want a still more serious style then it would be best to go with double breasted rayon.

Suit Jacket Another important thing to note is the fit of the mens blazers. The garment looks great when it is fitted properly and thus make sure you get the measurements right. Slim fit rayon and modern fit rayon blazers are the ones that are most preferred for a nicely fitting look if you are a tall and slim person. If you are on the bulkier side then it would be best to go with classic fit rayon blazers or big and tall blazers.

As mentioned before the best rayon have great breathability and thus can be a good choice for hot and humid weather. The lightweight rayon blazers will not stick with the wearers body on the hot days due to the sweat and thus giving you a comfortable garment.