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Printed Blazer Plain is boring atleast in clothing but in menswear we have always stuck with the plain styles. Patterns are something that most men approach with caution but in recent times people have become more literate with the styles. They are open to trying out new garments and the classic menswear is changing. Mens printed blazers are one of the styles that seem to be trending and people are loving the style. If you are a person who is bored with the usual plain styles and thinking of trying out something new then you should add a mens printed blazer to your wardrobe. If you are worried about the styling then we will take care of it for you in this article by providing some useful styling tips and amazing outfits.

Printed blazers are of course considered to be a bolder style and thus the confidence level of the wearer also needs to be high. Though printed blazers mens are easy to style it is the confidence that the people are having a hard time to achieve. But in recent times this factor seems to be improving thus making the bolder and braver styles to take the main stage. If you are one among these people who have finally gathered the courage to try out the printed blazer style then there are a few things that you should know.

Printed Blazer You might already know that there are s lot of styles available in the printed blazers and thus going through the available ones would provide an idea of what would work for you and what would not. While you can simply choose the one that appeals to you aesthetically you should also consider the smaller details for the look to be perfect. For example of you are a person who is trying out the prints for the first time it would be best to go with the mens blazers with small prints since the large prints might seem intimidating. Also while choosing the color of the mens printed blazers make sure to go with the block colors since they are subtler than the light colored ones. The light colored mens printed blazer coats would also showcase the prints explicitly which might not be a good choice for the subtle dressers.

Other than this you should also choose the fabric of the garment. For example if you are styling the garment for a formal event like a dinner event or such then we would suggest you to go with mens floral velvet blazer or a paisley printed blazer. These are some prints that make the outfit look rich and sophisticated. If there is a summer event involved go with cotton or linen printed blazers. But if it is a casual party then you can choose casual printed fabric blazer. For a cool and badass look we would suggest you to add leather printed unique blazer to your list.

Printed Blazer After you choose the right style of the mens printed blazers next comes to styling part. It is normal to feel anxious about the styling especially if you are not acquainted much with the patterns and prints. But knowing some basics would definitely get you through the day without much hassle. Thus saddle up and get ready for the fashion ride as we provide some tips on the styling of the mens printed blazer outfits.

The first advice that we have for you is about the choice of the combining garments that you pair with the printed blazers. You already know that the printed blazer is going to be a statement piece and thus it is important to let the garment be the main piece of your outfit. Thus while choosing the combining garments for the mens printed blazer jacket we would suggest you to go with neutral pieces which would not clash with the blazer. Let the printed blazer be the only bold piece of your outfit.

Printed Blazer The next tip is for the people who have quite used to the patterns now and want to explore it more. You might be thinking of mixing the patterns by choosing different printed outfits. This is a cool look but you should make sure that the patterns and prints complement each other well. Do not go with two or three bold patterned garments since they could create a shabby look. If you aren’t too sure about the mixing then it is best to stay away from it and trying it after some research.

The last tip that we have for you is to have confidence in yourself about pulling off the mens printed blazer suit outfit. This confidence is the key to properly rocking the style. If you are starting out with the style for the first time then style it for the casual events first. When you style the garments for more and more events you will get the confidence required.

Printed Blazer As for the mens printed blazer outfit ideas here are some which we consider to be best and worth trying out. If you are a daily suit wearer then wearing the mens printed blazer would be no different than styling the suit jacket as separates. You can simply style the men’s printed slim fit blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of black skinny pants. A pair of black loafers would be a cool way to complete the look. This is a simple mens patterned blazer jacket outfit style that anyone can successfully pull off.

Once you have become quite acquainted with the outfit then you can move on to bolder looks and then try styling for important occasions. For example styling a mens floral wedding blazer with a white shirt and complementing pants would be a good style for a wedding especially if you are the groom. Other than this you can style the mens floral printed blazers for the casual events like parties and such.