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Big Mens Blazers

Big Mens Blazers Blazers are undoubtedly one of the best styles to have in your wardrobe. There are various styles in the mens blazers which might leave you confused while you go purchasing for it. While you should take the time to explore the styles and choose the best one there is one important thing that you should note. The size of the blazer and how it fits you is an important thing that will determine the look of your outfit. Big mens blazers are the one of the popular styles now since the fashion world has finally acknowledged that we aren’t all zero size models. Usually people think that large sizes like big mens blazers would not deliver flattering looks but when you style it right you can make it look great.

Custom made blazers are the ones that are the best when it comes to perfect fit but the price involved is much high. Thus we mostly opt for off the rack garments but sometimes you might not be satisfied with the fit. Big and tall blazers cater to the needs of the bigger and taller men who do not find the standard fits comfortable. Depending on your body type you can choose the right style of the mens big and tall blazers that would suit you.

For example if you are a built person then you might need a blazer with big shoulders while the tall person might need a longer jacket with long sleeves. Finding the right style of the big mens blazer jackets matter the most since the fit is one of the most important things that people look in an outfit. As we have mentioned before there are different styles in the blazers. There are differences depending on the fabric of the blazer, the style and much more. Choosing these details carefully makes your outfit shine among the rest of the outfits.

Big Mens Blazers If you are looking for tips on the purchasing and styling of the big mens blazers we are here to provide you with just that. We hope that these will help you figure out the style that you are looking for without any hitches.

First think about the event or occasion for which you are getting the garment. The fabric of the blazer might not seem important but remember that it influences the major factors like the cost, comfort and to some degree the look of the outfit. For example the wool blazers have a good drape while the lightweight ones do not deliver much. If you are going with big mens blazers then we would suggest you to choose slightly thicker fabrics so that you will get a nice drape. These would also make you look slimmer when compared to the lightweight ones. But if there is a summer event and the weather is scorching hot there is no point in choosing the wool or corduroy garments since it will make you uncomfortable. Thus make sure to consider all these details before you make your choice.

As for the styling here are some ideas which could help you find the best style. The major advantage that the blazer delivers over the suit is the independence in the choosing of the combining garments. Thus instead of choosing the matching pants try to stick with the contrasting pants since it would deliver a better look.

Big Mens Blazers If you are dressing for a regular day at office you can choose to style the navy regularfit 2 button blazer with a white dress shirt, blue tie and a pair of light grey dress pants. Want to introduce a bit of fanciness to the outfit? Go with a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes which would perfectly complement the outfit. For a chilly day you can style the dark brown modem slim fit sport coat with a cream turtleneck and a pair of white chinos. You don’t have to search much to find the right footwear style since brown leather Oxford shoes woule do the job.

If you aren’t feeling like dressing up but still want to look presentable then you should style the navy big and tall sports blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of grey plaid chinos. To easily finish off this style add with it a dark brown leather watch and a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. If you want to add a little bit of color or brightness to the outfit then swap the grey chinos with a pair of white dress pants. On the other hand if you love tonal looks and want to experiment with your style then style the tan big mens blazer pattern with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of navy dress pants. The contrast of brown with blue is definitely a fail proof look. A pair of brown leather double monks would pull the outfit together.

Big Mens Blazers While patterns like herringbone and houndstooth are subtle the ones like plaid and floral will gain attention for your outfit. We would recommend you to go with these styles when there is a special occasion involved and you want to look your best for it. For example if you are attending a wedding and you are the groomsmen or the groom himself then instead of the usual wool blazers go with mens velvet tuxedo jacket. These big size unique blazers would provide you with the perfect style for these occasions.

As for the casual styling of the big mens blazers here are some ideas. For a cool yet smart summer style you can pair the beige big and tall linen blazer with a light pink dress shirt and a pair of navy dress pants. For a casual and trendy look you can style the tan corduroy best cheap blazer with a white dress shirt and a pair of light blue jeans. If you are looking for a casual and stylish look then you can try going with the big mens leather blazers.