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Tartan Blazers

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tartan blazers Mens blazers are one of the major sensation in mens fashion. While the usual navy and charcoal blazers continue to dominate the formal world some of the patterned ones are also starting to make the cut. Tartan blazers mostly used for casual events are now being used for formal and semi formal events too. There are a lot of styles to try in the tartan blazers and the fashionable pattern in available in different iterations. In this article we discuss about tartan blazers and why you need to get one for yourself that is if you already don't have one.

Tartan is not a new fashion to menswear that suddenly popped out. The pattern has been in style for long time and seems to never go out of style. What's surprising more is that the pattern seems to be a favorite among men of all generations. Some might confuse plaids with tartans but there is a subtle difference that sets them apart. While the lines in the plaids run dominantly in the horizontal and vertical direction it is not case with tartans. The tartan pattern will be perfectly symmetrical and even if you turn the garment the pattern will remain the same.

The tartans have a rich history and was also seen to be the symbol of rebellion and sophistication. The tartan has a Scottish origin where the different tartans signify different clans. Till date there are over 7000 tartans and in the past these patterns had special meanings that signified their clan for the people. As for the rebellion nature of the garment you can see a exhibit item of tartan frock coat with velvet collar and cuffs un the national Museum of Scotland. While the exhibit looks surprisingly modern it is in fact 272 years old. This tartan frock coat was worn by Bonnie prince Charlie when he attempted to get back the British crown from the Protestant rulers. Prince Charlie was a scot and this to affirm his Scottish identity he wore the tartan pattern. Since then the tartan pattern is considered to be the symbol of rebellion and was even for a time banned from wearing.

tartan blazers Coming back to the mens tartan blazers there are different styles that you can try out depending on the event for which you are styling the garment. For example if you want a formal and subtle outfit then you can go with blackwatch tartan blazers. For casual styles you can go with a little more bolder and vibrant shades of tartan blazers. This decide on the style that you are going with and then purchase your tartan blazer according to it.

The fabric from which the tartan blazers are made plays a major role in the look of the outfit. Wool tartan blazers are the ones that are most preferred. They give you a solid look and can drape well for any body type. When you want lightweight styles then you can go with cotton tartan blazers or linen tartan blazers. If you want a traditional looking garment then you can choose the tweed tartan blazers. For a cheaper budget go with the synthetic ones like polyester tartan blazers and rayon tartan blazers.

As for styling the tartan blazers it is best to start out slow with casual styles when you first try out the pattern. Try to keep it simple and in tonal colors. Go with the smaller pattern of tartan blazers and tonal colors of checks. The color of tartan blazer is also another thing that gets the most attention. The pattern in itself is bold and therefore when you are starting out go with the classic color choices for the tartan blazers. After you get comfortable with the tartan blazer style you can progress onto the brighter colors and bolder patterns.

Now here are some styling tips that we think might help you in the process. For a formal style you can pair the Navy tartan blazer with a white dress shirt, navy tie and khaki dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers. For a still more elegant look you can pair a navy single breasted tartan blazer with a white dress shirt, burgundy best and beige dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of tan suede tassel loafers.

For smart casual styles you can pair a peak lapel tartan blazer with a mens white dress shirt, black sweater vest and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black suede tassel loafers. For a cool summer style you can pair the light grey notch lapel tartan blazer with a light blue dress shirt and beige dress pants. To complete the look you can add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

tartan blazers For a rich look you can try out ones like burgundy blazers and olive green tartan blazers. It you are attending an important event then you can pair a burgundy 2 button tartan blazer with a white dress shirt, grey check tie and grey dress pants. You can complete the stylish look with a pair of brown suede loafers. For a casual style you can style a casual tartan blazer with a navy striped tshirt and white chinos. For a little more added aesthetic you can add a pair of beige suede boat shoes.

The fit of the tartan blazers is another important thing to note while purchasing for the garment. For a stylish look you can style the burgundy slim fit tartan blazer with a white dress shirt and navy chinos. For a smart casual look you can style the modern fit tartan blazer with a beige striped long sleeve shirt and grey plaid wool pants. For a formal outfit you can style the classic fit tartan blazer with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy Paisley tie and khaki dress pants. If the above fits are not perfect for your body type then you can try the big and tall tartan blazers.