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Maroon Velvet Blazer

Maroon Velvet Blazer When we go casual purchasing, it is almost impossible for someone to return with a velvet garment. Velvet is always approached with caution and only after careful and meticulous contemplation, a person goes for the velvet garments. But in recent times the velvet styles are becoming popular and one among the most popular style is the blazer. If you have been watching the award shoes and fashion parades then you would have definitely noted the increasing appearance of the mens maroon blazers in the crowd. We are indeed proud of the color that has managed to break the impenetrable fortress of menswear with only the grey, black and navy residents. But blazers seem to be more of a step up from the simple inclusion of a color.

Velvet garments like maroon velvet are considered to be the styles that are best for the special occasions. Velvet is a plush fabric that inherently brings about the rich vibe to the outfit. Thus people would definitely hesitate to choose the style for a regular day at office. Thus if you are a person who is trying out this style for the first time then we would suggest you to style the velvet blazer for the special occasions like weddings and prom events.

There are different shades in maroon velvet and before purchasing think about the event for which you are getting the garment and then make your pick. Our recommendation for you is to choose dark blazers since the deep shade works exquisitely with the velvet garment. You can choose a dark maroon velvet dinner blazer and pair it with the right combining garments to get a stunning look out of it. Other than this there are lighter shades of maroon velvet also present but the darker shades would provide a richer look for you.

Maroon Velvet Blazer Velvet might not be an easy style to go with especially for people who are used to the subtle styles of wool garments. But with some confidence and practice, you sure would be able to make the look work for yourself. While choosing the style make sure that the fit of the garment is perfect since it influences the look to a great degree. Slimfit maroon velvet are our recommendation for people who could pull off the look but you should try out the style to know whether it works for you. Slimfit and skinny maroon for velvet blazers will be the best for the lean and tall men since it accentuates the body at all the right parts. Slim fit blazer would even suit people with medium built frame. People who are on the larger side can try choosing the classic fit or big tall maroon velvet . If you have the budget you can choose to even go with the custom made blazers or the designer ones.

As for the styling of the maroon velvet ,here are some ideas which might get you started with the style. The event for which you are dressing determines the type of look that you should choose. For example, think that you have an invitation to a festive cocktail event. You will be looking for a garment that is dressy but appropriate for the event. For this event, you wouldn’t mind attracting some attention but not too much.

In that case, you can style the maroon velvet tuxedo blazer with a white dress shirt, black tie (if necessary) and then q pair of black skinny pants. This is the standard look that will be appropriate for any event. If you are just starting out with the style then this would be a perfect outfit. But if you want to take a casual route then you can style the blazer mens with a sober grey turtleneck and then a pair of subtly checked wool pants. You can complete this stylish ensemble by adding with it a pair of black leather derby shoes. For q far more simpler look which you can put together within a minute, style the maroon velvet mens blazer with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny pants. A pair of black leather loafers would perfectly round off this look.

Maroon Velvet Blazer But if the event that you are attending is quite formal like a wedding then try choosing a standard look. When it comes to weddings unless you are the groom or playing an important role in the event, it is best to stay away from the maroon velvet outfit. You will not want to be the guest who is dressed flashier than the groom. But if you are the groom then you can choose the maroon velvet wedding blazer with white dress shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants outfit that we mentioned earlier. When rounded off with a pair of patent leather black oxford shoes, you will easily be the focus of the event. If you are looking for a cooler style of footwear then lose the leather shoes and choose the velvet loafers instead.

Smart casual is a dress code that has been saving us from a lot of worries in the recent times. With it we can also try expressing our own style in the formal outfits without compromising the appropriateness. For a simple and cool look, you can style the velvet maroon blazer jacket with a black turtleneck and a pair of black plaid chinos. This outfit can be made fashion magazine worthy by adding with it a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

Black with maroon is a powerful style that can be made to work in the perfect ways. For example, you can style the maroon blazer velvet dress with a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. Go through the various styles of velvet blazer mens maroon and it would be better if you check for the maroon velvet blazer online since there are more options available.