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Black Corduroy Blazers

Black Corduroy Blazer Are you readying your wardrobe for the winter season? Then you should think of adding a garment which has greatly become popular in recent times – corduroy blazers. Nothing is a new style everything has remained for years and rotating back in and out of style. In that way corduroy blazers are back in style now and the styles are amazing. Black corduroy blazer mens might be a great choice especially for the ones who are just trying out the style. In this article we will focus on black corduroy blazers and some of the styling aspects which might help both the new buyers and the ones who already have this in your wardrobe.

For people who hear about the corduroy fabric for the first time this is a cotton fabric but are much heavier in weight fur to the specific weave. Thus they make great winter garments and they are also durable. This fabric is mostly used for the making of the blazers and jackets but they are also used for the making of the trousers and shirts. We would recommend you to start with the mens blazers since they are the most popular style and they are also quite easy to pull off. This way you will get acquainted with the fabric and later use the style as you please.

Black Corduroy Blazer Black corduroy blazers give you a timeless look and make your outfit look special. As mentioned before the fabric is durable and thus can be used for outdoor events. Black corduroy blazer will be an worthy investment which you will not regret. Black has been the go to formal color to men for centuries now and thus when combined the classic black corduroy blazer would provide you with a retro feel for your winter outfit. Go through the various styles of black corduroy blazers first and then decide on the one which would suit you the best.

While the black corduroy cotton blazer is the most classic choice you can also choose to go with the blazers that are made of the blend of other fabrics. If price is the problem then these blended fabrics are also available at a lower price. But make sure that the quality of the fabric is right and you also feel comfortable while wearing it. Other than this you can also search for black corduroy blazer wholesale in the web and choose to purchase from the wholesale retailers. These ensure the quality of the garment at a lower price.

The styling aspect is what confuses people the most and thus we are here to help you with that. Here are some easy ways in which you can style black corduroy blazer and we hope that it can help you find that outfit of yours.

Black Corduroy Blazer If you are attending a formal event say an office meeting and the weather is slightly chilly then you might need an extra garment unless you want to be shivering in the middle of your speech. For this you can choose to style the black corduroy blazer with a white dress shirt, navy and white polka dot tie, a black sweater vest and then a pair of black check dress pants. To bring a zing to the outfit you can add with it a pair of black leather double monks along with white socks. This formal black blazer outfit would be appropriate for the formal events while also keeping you warm.

Now if you don’t have an obligation to stick with the formal dress code and can include casual garments to the outfit then there are a lot more choices to explore. For example you can choose to style the 2 button black corduroy blazer with a black turtleneck and black jeans for a smart casual look. Throw on a black overcoat along with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots to give the outfit a classy look. On the other hand if you are styling the outfit to your office and there is a dress code involved then we would suggest you to style the corduroy blazer black with a white turtleneck and a pair of black chinos. A pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers would perfectly round off the outfit.

Usually you would be tempted to add layers to the outfit but stay away from it unless it is truly necessary. This is because of the fact that the corduroy blazers by nature are slightly bulkier than the wool and cotton blazers. When you add a lot of layers it makes you look bulkier as a result. Thus only when the weather is too chilly to manage add layers like overcoat and such.

Black Corduroy Blazer Also remember that the black corduroy blazer or any corduroy garment would look slightly casual than the wool blazers. Thus if you are too concerned about the look then we would suggest you to reserve them for the semi formal and casual events rather than styling it for the formal events. This way you can avoid the anxiety of wondering whether the garment is appropriate for the event or not.

For the casual off duty styling of the black corduroy blazers you can get in board the casual combining garments. For example you can style the black corduroy sports jacket with a white long sleeve shirt, beige wool turtleneck and a pair of khaki chinos. To further fight the cold you can add a olive print scarf and a red beanie to the outfit. Though it might feel dressy we would suggest you to go with black leather casual boots since they will keep your feet warm.

Usually people don’t choose corduroy matching styles but if the weather is chilly enough then you can choose to style the black corduroy blazer coat with a white dress shirt, a light blue sweater vest and a pair of khaki corduroy chinos. You can also try adding patterns to the black corduroy jacket since it would give you a more interesting look when compared to the plain styles.