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Velvet Double Breasted Blazer

Velvet Double Breasted Blazer Have you been looking for an outfit that is equal parts dressy and also flashy? Then you should be thinking of choosing the mens blazer. Velvet is often considered to be a fabric that is best to be worn for special occasions like weddings and similar events. With the mens velvet, the look of the garment is more emphasized. You also have more freedom with the styling than when compared with the suit. In this article we discuss more about the mens velvet blazer outfit and the different ways in which you can style the garment.

Velvet has long been in use when it comes to both mens and womens fashion. In the past, velvet was considered to be a fabric that was a symbol of rebellion against the conservative dressers. But soon it was adopted by the hip hop singers and the actors from Hollywood which produced a much bigger reach for the fabric. Though some people still consider velvet to be an extravagant fabric, there are more people who are getting ready to bring it into their wardrobe. Finding the right way matters the most.

There are different styles of velvet garments that you can try out but velvet blazers are the easiest styles to start with. You can go through the different mens blazer designs and then select the style that would suit your need the best. Instead of always choosing the simple and usual styles of the velvet mens blazers, it is important to go through various styles. Keep in mind the event for which you will have to dress and then choose a style that would be appropriate for the said event. For example, if the event is more on the casual side then you can choose the unique mens blazers. But if it is a formal one then try choosing the classic mens blazers.

Velvet Double Breasted Blazer While choosing the velvet blazers, there are a few things that you will have to note. Quality is the most important thing to note since it matters the most when it comes to the durability of the garment. Browsing through a number of styles would provide you with the best quality mens blazers. If you aren’t too sure about the quality then we would suggest you to go with the mens designer blazers. This would provide you the assurance of the quality.

Some people might prefer to get the blazers straight from the shops but some might want to purchase it online. There are pros and cons to both methods of shopping. For example, there would be limited styles to choose from when you visit the shop but you can try on the garment before you pay for it. When it comes to purchasing mens blazer online, you can choose from the thousands of mens blazers collections and then find the one that would suit you. There are also the time and cost factors to consider.

You must make time to visit the stores and if there isn’t a style that you like then you might consider it to be a waste of time. But with the online shopping, you can do it anytime you like without scheduling a proper time for it. As for the prize, while you shop online you can select a particular prize range and then choose styles from it. For example, if you have a good budget then you should be choosing the costly mens blazers. But if you are on a tight budget then you should be looking for the cheap mens blazers online. You can even get the mens blazers discounts easily while you are purchasing from the online sites.

Velvet Double Breasted Blazer As for the styling, there are numerous ways in which you can make the mens velvet double breasted work. The event for which you are styling the outfit matters the most. Depending on the event, you can choose different combining garments and style the garment in different ways. Here are some ideas of styling the mens double breasted blazeroutfits for various events.

If you have been noticing the changes in fashion then you might have noted that the velvet blazers are having a moment. Starting from the runways to the red carpets, there are mens blazer style everywhere. This also means that there are various styling ideas floating around for our taking.

Daniel Craig
While talking about velvet double breasted for men, it is impossible not to mention the look of Daniel Craig that he wore for the premiere of his film “No time to die”. The man stood wearing a dark pink party mens blazer with a white tuxedo shirt, black velvet bow tie, white pocket square and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This is a bold look and it would be great if you try the look for the special occasions where you want to be the center of attraction. While going with the light of bright colored blazers, make sure that you choose the best fit. Designer velvet blazers are the best but if you want a cheaper choice then you should be trying out the mens blazer readymade styles.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Velvet Double Breasted Blazer This is for the people who find Daniel Craig pink velvet blazer look to be too much. You might be used to the simple and subtle styles making the pink blazers a big no for you. In that case, you can borrow the look of Jake Gyllenhaal’s velvet blazer outfit.

For an event that he attended, the dark green mens blazer for party was paired with the white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black dress pants. You can complete this smart casual look of the mens velvet blazer by adding with it a pair of black leather formal shoes. We would suggest you to look through various styles that have the mens blazer for sale and then compare the styles to find the best one.