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Skinny Fit Blazer

2 Button Slim Fit Blazer When you go with any of the formal garment the fit is one of the most important fit. Mens blazers are one among the special ones that you can style as both formal and casual styles. Thus you will have to take some special care when selecting the fit of the blazer to ensure that you look impeccable in the outfit that you are wearing. In this article we discuss about the skinny and some of the most distinguishing factors that will set apart the blazers.

Custom made blazers will always be the best choice in terms of fit since they are designed specially for your body type. But they are usually expensive and not everyone are ready to spend that much on the garment. Thus off the rack blazers and other off the rack garments have become more popular with time. The fit blazers have been one of the most popular fits for more than a decade now. Not only for the blazers the suits, jeans and even the sweat pants have touched the territory of being skinny. Thus it is important that you get to know about this famous fit and how you can easily rock the blazer style.

Another fit that has been trending in recent times is the slim fit. The slim fit blazers have a narrow waist and shoulder. It is one of the best choices for tall men since it gives a sleek and streamlined silhouette for the wearer. The skinny fit is considered to be narrower than the slim fit blazers. The blazer is short in length when compared with the slim fit and regular fit blazers. As for the fit the skinny fit are also skinny in the shoulder, waist and chest region. The blazers are the best for skinny and tall men who want to look impressive.

There are types of skinny fit in blazers and you can choose the one that would best flatter your body type. The two types of skinny fit that you can choose is the ultra skinny fit and the blazer. While the blazer construction is already explained above the ultra blazers are the ones that are more skinny than the former style. The ultra skinny fit are the most fitting type of blazers that you will find in the market.

2 Button Navy Jacket The fabric of the blazer is an important factor that will influence the look of the blazer. The ultra skinny blazers are usually made of high quality materials that will come with a slight stretch in it. This will ensure for the perfect close fit of the garment giving you an impeccable look. For a formal look you can go with the wool skinny fit. The wool is the most popular material in clothing since it offers you with the best drape which will make the garment look flattering. There are different types of wool blazers like the flannel skinny fit or the worsted wool blazers that are also available in different weights.

But if you want a light weight style then you can go with the cotton skinny fit or linen blazers. These blazers might be slightly willowy and thus make sure that you go with the perfect fit of the garment. Other than this the synthetic ones like polyester skinny fit and rayon blazers are also available in the market and comes with a much lower price.

When you go with the skinny fit it is best to style them with nicely fitting trousers or jeans that will rightly complement the style. If you are going with dress trousers it is best to go with skinny fit dress trousers that tapers through the length. Note that the hemline of these skinny fit dress trousers should be tapered in and should end just above the top of the shoes. As for the casual garments like chinos and jeans it is also best to go with the tapered fit that will hug rightly the contours of your legs.

2 Button Slim Fit Blazer Skinny fit blazers are the ones that you can style for both casual and formal outfits for mens. As for styling the blazers here are some ideas that can help you in the process. For a formal look you can go with the 3 piece blazer look. A brown skinny fit paired with a white vertical striped shirt, dark sweater vest, navy striped tie and navy chinos. You can complete the outfit with a pair of brown suede desert boots. Other than this you can go with the smart casual outfit by pairing the skinny fit with appropriate combining garments. For example if you need a stylish winter outfit you can pair the navy skinny fit with black turtleneck and black skinny fit dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather double monks.

For a bright summer style you can pair the light blue blazer with a white long sleeve shirt and white jeans. Other than the usual solid skinny fit you can choose to go with the patterned blazers. For example a green plaid blazer paired with a white dress shirt when beige chinos is a smart look. You can add a navy print tie and a pair of brown leather derby shoes to elevate the look of the outfit. Other than the plaid blazers you can also try out the striped blazers and houndstooth skinny fit. While these are relatively subtle styles you can go with rich ones like mens paisley skinny fit blazers and floral skinny fit blazers when you want a luxurious style. While going with these styles it is also best to go with luxurious fabric choices like silk skinny fit and velvet skinny fit blazers.