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Party Blazers

party blazer Every time the weekend approaches there is a palpable excitement in the air. Parties are a great way to unwind for the weekend but most party goers seem to encounter a similar problem which is picking out the partywear for the event. There are different types of parties and thus you will have to style your outfit according to the event. But we can all agree that the party blazers are a good choice regardless of the nature of the event and all you have to do is slightly change the styling of the garment. In this article we discuss the part blazers and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment for different events.

Party blazers are a great choice when you need to up the style factor of your outfit. Mens blazers being the familiar style for men would feel comfortable to wear thus making the men confidently pull off the style. As for the main advantage the blazers are also versatile and you can style the outfit for different events according to your need. When you pair the blazers with appropriate garments then you can easily elevate the look of your outfit. As for styling these blazers there are many factors that you will have to note which can even help you with picking the right one.

You should first consider the type of the party you are attending for getting the right type of blazer. For example if you are attending a relatively formal party like a family gathering then it would be a better option for you to go with the wool blazers since they have a neat and elegant look. These mens formal blazers for party are a good choice when you want to attend a wedding party or such and this will give you a dressed up look.

As for the color of these formal party blazers you can go with the conventional colored ones so that it has a simple look. For example you can style the blue blazer with a navy polo neck sweater and navy jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes. For a winter look you can style the charcoal grey blazer with a mens white dress shirt, navy crew neck sweater and blue jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of grey athletic shoes so that you can play down the look. You can style the mens blazer with a tshirt or a dress shirt according to your need.

party blazer As for a informal style you can style these blazers with a tshirt and jeans. For summer parties you can go with the chinos and loose t-shirts to pair with this blazer. The dark colored blazers can be styled to these informal events but the bright colored and light colored blazers are more appropriate for these casual events. Make sure that you coordinate with the right type of combining garments to make the outfit work.

For a summer look you can style the tobacco blazer with a white shirt sleeve shirt and light blue jeans. To add a polished twist to the outfit you can add a pair of dark brown suede loafers. Other than this you can also style the light grey blazer with a navy crew neck tshirt and white jeans. To dial up the look of the outfit you can add a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers. For a contrasting stylish look you can style the black blazer with a white crew neck tshirt and white ripped jeans. To complete the look of the outfit you can add the outfit with a pair of tan suede tassel loafers.

The fabric from which the party blazers are made also influences a great deal the look of the garment. While the wool blazers are best for formal events when it comes to casual summer events then it is best to go with the linen blazers or the cotton blazers . The linen blazers will give you a casual laid back look that is best for the summer rooftop parties and beach parties. You don't have to worry much about the wrinkling instead it will give the wearer a lived in look.

If the party you are attending is a high end one that requires you to dress up then you can opt to go with the luxurious choices of the silk blazers or the velvet blazers . These are the best for the evening parties since the sheen of the material will have a great look in the artificial light. Other than the plain blazer styles you can also go with the patterned ones which will make the outfit look more interesting.

party blazer Paisley blazers are the best when you need a dressy look. For a casual yet stylish look you can go with the plaid blazers or the floral blazers . The latter is one of the best choices for the fun summer parties. For a textured style you can go with the houndstooth blazers or the herringbone blazers. For a cool look you can style the plaid dark green blazer with a orange polo and light blue jeans. To ramp up the style factor of the outfit you can add with it a pair of olive velvet loafers.

The fit of the blazers is another important thing to note. Go with nicely fitting blazers to get a perfect look. Slim fit blazers and the skinny fit blazers are the ones that are most recommended when you need a stylish part wear blazer. Other than this you can also go with the classic fit blazers for a slightly roomier style. There are a lot of blazers online and you can select the fit that will suit your body type. Big and tall blazers are a good style when you don't find other fits comfortable.