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Vintage Blazers

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Vintage Blazer If you are a person who likes to reinvent the old styles in par with the recent trends then you will have to try vintage clothing. Some might consider it to be old styles but if you observe the evolution of mens fashion you would have noted that many of the recent styles that we have now are from the old styles. In this article we discuss mens vintage blazers and all that you need to know about it if you ever think of getting one for yourself.

When it comes to vintage blazers there will be a lot of styles from which you can pick out the one that will match your style. Choose the right timeline from which you can choose the clothing. Most of the vintage blazers come in double breasted styles but you can also find the single breasted vintage blazers if you wanted one. There will be solid vintage blazers but to properly capture the essence of the vintage style it is better to go with the textured vintage blazers or the patterned vintage blazers. Also the type of fabric from which the vintage blazers are made also plays a major role in the kind of look that it offers the wearer.

The plaid vintage blazers are considered to be one of the easiest style of vintage blazers to style. Again you have a lot of options in vintage plaid blazers and you can choose the one that would suit your style and the current trend. While the checkered vintage blazers are also a solid style most would confuse themselves between the plaid and checkered style. While both come in square and stacked pattern there is still difference between the two. While the checkered mens vintage blazers the horizontal and the vertical lines that intersect each other are uniform but in the case of plaid mens vintage blazers you can see that the horizontal and vertical patterns might not necessarily match each other. Also the plaid vintage blazers would be more colorful incorporating almost more than 2 colors than the checkered vintage blazers.

Vintage Blazer Depending on your need and the purpose for which you are getting the mens blazer you can choose the type of vintage blazer that you want. For example if you want a formal vintage blazer then you can choose to go with the gingham blazers. The gingham vintage blazers are subtle and thus would be good for wearing to your office. Gingham is considered to be one of the most iconic patterns available in menswear. Most of the time the gingham vintage blazer that you will get would be of white background paired with other color. If you are getting the vintage blazer for office use then it would be better to stick with the conventional ones like black and white vintage blazers or the white and navy vintage blazers.

Now if you are thinking of going with a little more bold style of mens vintage blazers then Buffalo check vintage blazers must be your pick. These casual vintage blazers come with bigger checks which makes it a bold style. Most of the time it comes in black paired with another color. The next type of vintage blazers that we would recommend for you to try is the houndstooth vintage blazers. These vintage blazers have Swedish origin and have been in mens fashion for a long time now. The checks in these vintage blazers are pointed which makes them look like canines and hence the name. If you are looking for a vintage blazer for wedding or vintage blazer for a reception party then these blazers should be your pick.

As for the material of the vintage blazers it is always best to go with wool vintage blazers since they are easier to get. But if you want to try out a different try then you can give the tweed blazers a try. These vintage blazers have been trending for quite some time now especially when people purchase vintage blazers for marriage party. Other than this you can also try out the velvet vintage blazers or the silk vintage blazers when you need a fancy style that will make you stand out from the crowd.

As for casual style of blazers that you can wear to events like fun parties and such you can try the leather vintage blazers. There are a lot of styles available in leather mens vintage blazers online and thus you will have to careful about the money that you spend on the clothing. Whether it is the leather vintage blazers or any other vintage blazers for that matter you should check out the condition of the blazer and all the details in it before paying for it. If buying online go with a trusted site that will give you good return for the money you spend on the garment.

Vintage Blazer As for styling the mens vintage blazers here are some ideas that we think might help you in the process. For a formal look you can go with the navy blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy tie and grey wool chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of charcoal leather tassel loafers. For a smart casual summer look you can pair a charcoal vintage blazer with a light blue dress shirt and beige dress pants. To perfectly complement the outfit add a pair of white canvas low too sneakers. For a tonal look you can pair the light grey vintage blazer with a grey crew neck sweater and blue jeans. You can complete the tonal look with a pair of velvet loafers.

The fit of the vintage blazers is also important. If you want an authentic look then it would be best to go with roomier ones like classic fit vintage blazers or big and tall vintage blazers since the old styles were not as fit as the recent ones. But for stylish look go with slim fit vintage blazers.