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Winter Formal Tuxedos for Weddings and Fancy Affairs

WINTER FORMAL TUXEDOS FOR WEDDINGS AND FANCY AFFAIRS Skinny Suit When it comes to fancy affairs, the Oscar awards affair is one of the fanciest on the planet. At that one event, men and women from all over the world dress in designer tuxedos, suits and dresses that make people talk about their outfits for months. Looking at what the celebrities wear to the Oscars helps people decide what they should buy for their next wedding or formal affair on their social calendars. In fact, winter formal white tuxedos can make any man look handsome, even when the snowflakes are flying. Here are some tips for your next special winter event.

Winter Formalwear for Men
When the words, "winter formal tuxedos" are on an invitation, most men must tune into the message and adjust their fashion choices. Most notably, there are some key differences between a winter tuxedo and an all season tuxedo. The tuxedo wearing men in past centuries always wore wool tuxedos to formal events. The thought of wearing a tux in another fabric was not on their radar. Today, men want formalwear for every occasion, even in the dead of winter. For that reason, winter tuxedos have evolved into a fashionable and sensible choice.

Winter Formal Tuxedos: Old Rules Vs. New Rules
The old rules about winter formal tuxedos are history. For more proof, just look at what men wore to the 2017 Oscars:

  • Terrance Howard: A shawl collar, blue printed jacket with black pants and a sharp pair of patent slip on shoes.
  • Michael Strahan: A two-button, midnight blue velvet tuxedo with flapped pockets.
  • Pharrell Williams: A long black tuxedo coat, bow tie, neck chains and a pair of black alligator pointed toe straight tip shoes.
  • David Oyelowo: A white dinner jacket with a black shawl collar, black pants, and black patent leather tassel loafers.
Two Button Tuxedos Since all those men made a positive impact on the audience and television viewers, people are still talking about them today. Because they were rocking their own version of a winter formal tuxedo, they were rock stars of the red carpet.

Some Final Winter Tux Tips
The Oscars were in Hollywood, so anything goes in that context, but what Hollywood men are wearing is what men around the country want to wear to a wedding or a formal, fancy affair. Here are some more winter tux tips:

  • Denzel Washington: A dark gray tuxedo with a long black tie.
  • Dev Patel: An off-white dinner jacket with a hidden fly shirt, a narrow bow tie, and patent leather brogues.
  • Jared Leto: A two-button, notched lapel, black tuxedo with red piping. He also wore a red rose shaped tie and snake embroidered black slippers.
  • Tom Hardy: A three-piece black tuxedo with big sunglasses, a big watch and a key chain in the vest.
Skinny Suit To be clear, winter formal tuxedos don't fit into a certain mold. They don't conform to yesteryear's rules. The winter tuxedos men wear today are an eclectic mix of color, innovative accessories and fabric interest.

The old black tuxedo is still a player, but it needs a few upgrades, like accessories, to fit into the new formal affair attire. When push comes to shove, find your formal dress mode, and rock it the way you rock all your clothes.