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Double Breasted Linen Suit

Double Breasted Linen Suit If you have got too many summer event invitations but very little outfits in your wardrobe, you know what it means. Summer shopping. It is quite hard to get through summer with the usual wool clothes that we have been using. The rising heat calls for lightweight and breathable clothes but also ones that are appropriate to be worn for these events. While there are many choices to consider, today our recommendation for you would be to choose the double breasted linen suits. In this article we would like to discuss more on the mens double breasted linen suits and why you should have them in your wardrobe collection.

If you are a fashion enthusiast then there is a high chance of you already having a double breasted suit. The double breasted suits are considered to be more formal and stylish when compared to the single breasted suits. But in this century, single breasted suits have received great attention due to their versatility. But recently, people are recognizing the appeal of the double breasted suits and bringing it back. You can see the double breasted suits not only in the big screens and red carpets but also in daily life. The mens double breasted suits are becoming frequent and thus now will be the best time for you to get one, if you don’t have it already.

Usually people choose the double breasted suits for the winter since the build of the suit jacket itself brings more warmth to the wearer. But if you are attending a semi formal summer wedding and want to choose something appropriate then you can go with the double breasted linen suit. For these events, it wouldn’t be proper to wear tuxedos but the daily wear suits would be a bore. Hence create a little difference in your look, enough to get subtle appreciation with the classic double breasted linen suits.

Double Breasted Linen Suit Linen is one of the best fabrics for summer use. It is breathable and soft to wear. It also has good moisture wicking properties which is one of the major requirements of the summer garments. With the cool double breasted linen suits, you will look and feel the best throughout the event. There are different colors and styles of the double breasted linen suits available and you should be choosing the one that offers the best bargain for the best price.

You can use the double breasted linen suit near me option to find the sites that have the double breasted linen suit for sale. While being at it, note the quality of the fabric, the fit of the garment, the price range and more. Comparing these data with different sites will help you find the best quality double breasted suit for the best price. For example, if you are ready to choose the most expensive double breasted suits then we would recommend you to choose designer double breasted linen suits but there are also low cost double breasted linen suit options. Some sites even offer the double breasted linen suit on discounts.

Styling the double breasted suit
As mentioned before, double breasted suit inherently has a more formal look than the single breasted suit style. Thus it would be best if you reserve them for the formal and semi formal events. Even if you choose to style them for the casual events, make sure to get the right combining garments. Here are some tips and ideas of styling the double breasted linen suits.

David Beckham
You would have often noted David Beckham in a double breasted suit or a double breasted blazer . If you have got a body type like David Beckham, wide shoulders and narrow waist then you should be choosing the unique double breasted linen suits since it emphasizes the build more. For example, if you are attending a summer gathering then you can style the navy modern fit double breasted linen suit jacket with a white dress shirt, navy check tie and a pair of beige dress pants. A pair of burgundy dress shoes would perfectly round off this stylish outfit.

Tom Holland
Double Breasted Linen Suit Our latest Spiderman also seems to have developed a love for the double breasted suits. For the Avengers premiere, he was seen wearing a dark green slim fit double breasted linen suit which he paired with a dark brown crew neck t-shirt. This casual double breasted linen suit outfit was finished off with a pair of burgundy leather Oxford shoes. Double breasted suits looks great on the men with leaner build since it broadens the shoulders and brings in the belly. If you are a lean person and would like to look a little buff in the suits then you should be choosing the double breasted linen suits.

Chris Pine
The actor never seems to age and his fashion sense also is improving with time. For the promotional event he attended, he was seen wearing a rose gold branded double breasted linen suit which he paired with a light pink dress shirt. The right way to round off the style would be to include with it a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers and dark brown sunglasses. This is an easy outfit to pull off for the summer events.

Nick Jonas
The singer seems to be doing well with the comeback. He has always been simple fashioned but in the right way. Recently the man was spotted wearing a tan rich look double breasted linen suit paired with a black crew neck t-shirt. To add more style to this outfit, he included a pair of black leather loafers and black sunglasses. This is an easy outfit that anyone can put together.

Tom Hiddleston
This British gentleman dresses like well.. a British gentleman most of the time. For an event he attended the actor was seen wearing a formal double breasted linen suit paired with a light blue dress shirt, navy print tie and white pocket square. With the perfectly styled hair and clear sunglasses it is style worthy of a board meeting.