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Big And Tall Linen Suit

Big And Tall Linen Suit Choosing a suit comes with the decision on many factors like the fabric of the suit, fit and more. For summer, most of us would choose the cotton suits since they are the most preferred. But if you are ready for a change then you should be choosing to go with the linen suits. Linen is the less popular summer fabric when compared to cotton but if you get to know the characteristics of the particular fabric then there is a large chance that it becomes your summer favorite. The fit of the suit is also important so that it fits your body in the perfect way. If you are on the bigger side then off the rack suits might not interest you much. Instead you can try choosing the mens big and tall linen suits for the hot season. In this article we will discuss more on the big and tall linen suits and on the selection and styling of the same.

If you are discovering the linen suit style for the first time, we would like to do the honor of initiation. As the temperature increases, we all start searching for a lightweight fabric that will keep us cool through the day. Linen is one of these lightweight fabrics that will offer you a perfect look and comfort for the summer season.

Big And Tall Linen Suit What is linen?
Linen is a natural fibre that is extracted from the long stems of the flax plant. Linen as a fabric was mostly used for the making of the bed spreads and inner garments because of its soft nature. If you are getting the linen fabric for the first time, you might get confused because of the rough texture but know that the texture softens after several washes.

Though linen might seem slightly thicker than cotton, the low thread count of the material makes it includable in the lightweight list. This low thread count also makes linen more cooler than cotton. But this does not mean that linen gives out soon since the fabric is considered to be 30 times stronger than cotton. You can also wear a big and tall linen suit during light showers since a high quality big and tall linen suit will absorb water better than the cotton or wool suit.

Linen tends to crease easily and this is reason most people avoid wearing it for formal events and events associated with their work. But one small drawback shouldn’t stop you from getting the multitude of advantages. The creasing of linen is not shabby but gives the fabric a lived in look. If you are still not convinced then you can choose to go with the blended linen suits. Suits that are made from the blend of linen with cotton or linen with wool, creases much less than the pure cotton suit.

Big And Tall Linen Suit Use search phrases like big and tall linen suit near me to find the various options of these mens suits available. This is the right way to find the sites that offer the particular style, if you are purchasing the big and tall linen suit online. You can go with the luxurious big and tall linen suits if you have the budget but you can also choose the low cost big and tall linen suits when you have a limited budget. Take the time to compare the prices in different sites since some tend to offer the big and tall linen suit on discounts.

Styling ideas
Summer is a season of fun and relaxation and hence base your outfits on these ideas. You can leave out your formal wool suits for some months and make the best out of the summer linen suits. As for the color of the classic big and tall linen suits, most people would choose to go with the lighter colors since it matches the bright season well. If you are ready for your linen suits this season, here are some outfit ideas that you should execute for this season.

For a simple yet classy look, you can pair the grey formal big and tall linen suit with a white dress shirt, black knit tie and a black print pocket square. Now add with it a pair of black leather tassel loafers to make the ensemble truly shine. You can easily make this look work for the formal occasions like weddings or work related parties. If you are a fan of good tonal look then you can style the big and tall linen grey slim fit suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy striped tie. To rightly accessorize the look, you can include a pair of black leather loafers and black sunglasses to this outfit.

Big And Tall Linen Suit If you love the essence of the vintage style then you can pair the white modern fit big and tall linen suit with a white dress shirt, brown print tie, brown pocket square and a beige wool hat. Now include with this outfit a pair of burgundy leather loafers and a beige wool hat. The hat is a nice touch to the outfit and would be great for the events that happen in outdoor venues.

If you are choosing a smart casual or casual look for the stylish big and tall linen suits then you are starting in the right way. Linen suits inherently have a laid back look to them which you can utilize to your benefit. If you are looking for an eye catching style that screams summer holidays then you can style the beige unique big and tall linen suit with a light blue chambray dress shirt, navy print silk scarf and a blue paisley pocket square. Add with this outfit a pair of navy socks and white canvas low top sneakers to fully complete the look. You can also choose the patterned look by pairing the navy casual big and tall linen suit with a white and blue floral print long sleeve shirt and a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.