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Pink Linen Suit Mens

Groomsmen Pink Tuxedo If you think pink is unmanly think again. Pink is making a comeback in men's fashion. Firstly pink was not always a feminine color and we have history to back up the claim. There is proof that men were known to wear pink silk suits with floral embroideries dating back to 18th century. They were considered very masculine since pink was known to be diminutive of red. Even at about 1900's mens pink dress shirts were a big hit and was called the Ivy League look. Thus with society changes comes the fashion changes. There is correct look just the look that is more prevalent at the certain period of time. This being said pink is back in fashion and knowing some key points can give you the perfect look.

Linen suits are back in style with summer and these are the fabrics that flourish in summer. They are the fabric that you need to go for when you don't want to sweat the whole day. Linen is casual fabric and is mostly ideal for events like weddings and parties. These casual styles require lighter look and a pink linen suit is great in that aspect.

If for a formal event like a wedding a 3 piece men's pink suit may be your go for. They give you a casual style and attracts the right kind of attention. The pink linen suit being the main statement of the outfit your shirt and accessories should make it pop. A classic mens white dress shirt with a neutral tie may be the right choice. For shirts it is safe to stick with white but you can experiment with the tie colors. It is best with light colors like cream but if you want to go for more darker colors like navy, ties with floral design may be the go for.

Mens Summer Suit If you are not much into the conservative 3 piece look you can always adopt a more casual look and pink is the perfect color for you. A men's suit is a versatile clothing to own and allows you to experiment with more outfit combinations. This being a good news to both your wardrobe and your wallet, pink is the perfect color. Pairing a pink linen suit with a white t-shirt and trainers gives you a effortless casual vibe. You can style it with a print shirt to achieve a summer worthy look that you can straight take to runway. This is why the pink linen suit is the most versatile. Incorporating all the same pieces with just adding a print shirt can you a whole different look.

There are different shades of pink and a lot to choose from. Stick to basics by selecting a darker shade for summer and lighter shades in winter. This also is applicable to the time of the event for which you want the outfit. Lighter colors look appealing in daytime and darker shades look better for night time events.

Thus pink linen may be a beautiful style to don only if you learn some basic details and know how to rock the outfit.