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Mens White Linen Suit

White Linen Suit Suits are an integral part of any man's wardrobe. Whether be it the top class businessmen or a teenage boy who has rare use of suits it is important that you need to have at least one set of suits in your wardrobe. But the thing with suits is that having one will never be enough. The suits form an integral part in mens lifestyle and therefore becomes important in all the main events. Men who have the need to dress up in suits often understand the importance of having more than one suit in their wardrobe. But when you look closely even the men who have an array of suits in their wardrobe mostly have that in the basic colors of black, gray and blue. Apart from these three main colors the men shy away from venturing out. This is because of the fact that these three color of suits and variations of these colored suits fulfill the major purpose of the business and formal environment. They are the ones that are considered to be the appropriate ones of these type of formal events. But when you require the suits to be worn to the semiformal or casual events you can wear the same above said suits but why go with the usual styles when you have others that you can look great in. Thus, it is important that you have other colors of suits that you can wear to the other than formal events.

White Linen Suit The next thing that makes you to go with more than one set of suit is the season. According to the season and the climate you will be in need of different suits so as to keep comfortable throughout the day. For example the wool suits are the ones that are most preferred when it comes to suits as a whole but imagine wearing your standard wool suit at a hot day of more than 40 °C. At these days you will search your wardrobe for any style.of suits that will let you breathe without making it to be an effort. Thus, it is important that you know the requirement through the days and events and then select the suits that will work for the best. In this article we are going to discuss an unconventional suit that is far away from the usual black, navy and gray suits that you have all through your wardrobe. We are going to see about the all white linen suit in this article and discuss the details of when to wear them, where to wear them, how best to style them and also how to maintain the mens white linen suit for it to last for a longer time.

White Linen Suit All white linen suits are the best to be worn on the summer season since the linen is one of the best summer fabrics that is available as suiting fabrics. They are known to be preferred even more than cotton during summer. So what makes the linen to be the best among the summer fabrics? Linen is a natural fabric that is woven from the fibers of the flax plants. These fibers are extracted from the stems of these plants and hence are longer than the other fibers. The name linen itself is derived from the name of this flax plant that is the Latin variation of it. The linen was the one that was used as the inner garments in the earlier times when the man made fabrics were not introduced. These were used as protective layers so as to protect the expensive outer layers from sweat and dirt.

The linen has a lot of properties which makes it the best summer fabric. Most of the summer fabrics are lightweight but the linen has the unique property of having a low thread count which makes the fabric cool even more than cotton. Also, because of this property the linen is much stronger than the cotton. Also, another advantage of linen is that it absorbs the moisture and evaporates it at a higher rate than the cotton does. Thus, the linen performs better in the aspect of saving the wearer from the sweaty backs on the hot days.

White Linen Suit People who would have heard about the linen would have also heard about the bad rep it has. This is because of its property to easily crumple and thus wrinkle. The pristine look that some of the men would like to have in formal suits is almost impossible to achieve with the linen suits and hence it is best to avoid linen suits if you are a person who hates wrinkles on their suits. Also avoid wearing the linen suits to the most formal events like business meetings and important events where your clothing will be closely monitored. But when you go with heavy textured linen suits then they tend to crumple but in an elegant way that does not look shabby. These can be worn to the formal use just not to the most formal ones. If you are still concerned about the wrinkles you can go with blends of linen with other fabrics like silk or wool. In this way the wrinkling is reduced to a great deal.

Coming back to all white linen suits, white is a color that most men avoid especially in suits. Some may state the easily dirtying aspect of the white suits for this but most of them tend to avoid it thinking that they cannot pull it off. Of course, we are not as charming and contain swag as of Al Pacino in the Godfather or Leonardo DiCaprio in the Great Gatsby. But believe us when we tell that the mens white linen suit is not that hard to pull off and with some certain styling tips and tricks you can rock the mens white linen suit effortlessly.

White Linen Suit All white linen suit is without a doubt a bold fashions statement but it has a fierce style and chic gentlemanly look to it that is hard to ignore. The first step in styling the mens white linen suit is that they are not appropriate to all events and cannot be worn at all seasons of the year. All white linen suits are more on the casual side of mens fashion and are the best to be worn to the semiformal and casual events like cocktail events and dinners. Also, the light color of the mens white linen suit looks the best in the warmer months of the year. Also, as we discussed before linen is a natural summer fabric that makes the all white linen suit a proper summer casual wear.

As for the details you can either go with the three-piece linen suit or two- piece all white linen suit. The three-piece mens white linen suit can be worn to the slightly formal and semiformal events like the weddings and such. For a casual look you can go with the two piece mens white linen suit. Also, there is the option of the style of the all white linen suit whether to go with the single breasted version or the double-breasted version. The double breasted linen suit is considered to be more formal than the single breasted version of the mens white linen suits. Since the all white linen suit is predominantly a casual style most people tend to go with the single breasted version since they are more versatile of the two.

White Linen Suit After selecting the style of the all white linen suit then you will have to focus on the details of it. The first thing is to select the color of the shirt that you can pair with the mens white linen suit. For this, you will have to consider the nature of the event that you are styling the all white linen suit to. If you are going to wear the mens white linen suit to a formal setting or a semiformal one then you can go for the all white look with the white shirt with the white linen suit. If you are not very convinced with the look then you can go with the pale blue shirt or a pale pink shirt. The blend of the light colors work well together giving you a classy look. You can add a dark colored tie to the mix for the all white linen suit to look more formal. On the contrary if you are styling the all white linen suit for a casual event then you can go with rich darker colors like black, burgundy, red, royal blue and others for the shirt. For these shirts you can go with the silk or satin ones for a more posh look. The sheen of these materials make you look stand out more when compared to the usual cotton shirts. This type of look is the best for the casual events like parties and weddings where you intend to have some fun. For this look you can forgo the tie option and go with the leaving the top two buttons of the shirts open.

White Linen Suit Another advantage with the all white linen suit is that it is a complete hybrid and you can style it according to your requirement. This is especially true when it comes to casual styles. Apart from pairing the mens white linen suit with a proper button down shirt you can also go with the popular look of pairing the all white linen suit with a crew neck t-shirt. This casual style is a winner especially for a casual day in the office ( only on a very hot day ). You can also go with the all white linen suit with a linen shirt so as to dial down the formality to a certain level. For a still more casual look you can pair the mens white linen suit with Chinese collar shirts and shirts which have patterns on them. The thing with the all white linen suits is that they tend to showcase greatly the shirt that you are wearing. Therefore, select the shirt or t-shirt that you are going to wear with the all white linen suit with proper care. For a formal look you can go with mens white linen suit with striped shirts and other formal patterns. But if you are going for a casual style then you have a variety of options when it comes to patterned shirts. You can go with polka dot patterned shirts, floral patterned shirts and many more. As for the ties to wear with the all white linen suits go with knitted silk ties that are textured since it gives a classy look.

White Linen Suit When styling the all white linen suit do not make the mistake of pairing them with the usual black dress shoes. Dark colored shoes may ruin the total cool vibe that you are sporting with the mens white linen suit. Therefore, it is a good choice to go with styles of shoes that conform with the casual look of the all white linen suit. When you are styling the all white linen suit as a formal style then you can go with dress loafers that are in the light shade of brown or a suede loafer. As for the casual look of the mens white linen suit you can pair them with white sneakers or blush colored ones that match the nonchalant look of your outfit.

Now when you first purchase your all white linen suit it will be hard and scratchy to touch and do not panic. This is the basic nature of the fabric and linen gets soft with use and repeated washes. Do not keep the linen rarely used and ironed repeatedly in the same form since the fabric can break. There are a lot of styles in all white linen suits like off-white linen suits, lightweight all white linen suit, grooms all white linen suit, kids all white linen suit, slim fit all white linen suit, classic fit all white linen suit and many more.