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Brown Linen Suit

Brown Linen Suit The season of outdoor weddings and cocktail parties is here and we are excited more than ever. The craving for getting out and enjoying the sunlight with friends is here and thus readying your wardrobe for the season may be the paramount task at hand.

If you are wondering on why to buy a suit when you already have one it is time to think again. The navy blue woollen suit may be your rescue most times but it is not practical to wear it all round the year. It is only a matter of time before the woollen suits makes you feel stuffy and it becomes worse with the rising heat. If you are a person who enjoys the outdoor summer time but absolutely hates sweaty backs it is time for you to purchase a linen suit.

Linen suits are one of the best option among the summer suits. They have a sheen on them that lacks in the cotton suits and are the best for casual events and summer weddings. They are lightweight and thus does not weigh you down like wool does in summer. They are made of natural fibre and is a conductor of heat hence they are cool to touch. The fabric is breathable and allows easier movement of air. They absorb and dry out moisture faster than cotton thus making it ideal for the hot days.

Linen are mostly considered a casual fabric but with increasing number of workplaces allowing casual styles linen can be a asset to your business wardrobe. If you are a person considering widening your office style linen suits may be the right pick at this time.

Brown Linen Suit Now if you already have a navy blue, grey and black suit and thinking of adding more color to your formal collection brown may be what you need. Brown being at a neutral side of the spectrum makes it easier to match the outfit. White, blue and pink easily complement the color and add a edge to the outfit without overwhelming it. It is always better to go for a cotton shirt than linen since linen creases easily and full linen may be a hassle. If you opt for a tie go with traditional options like green or navy silk. If you like a bit more zest go for patterned ties that contrast with the color of your shirt. When the jacket is worn as seperates it may be best to pair it with any dark colored jeans. If jeans clash with the formal look that you go for pair the jacket with classics like khaki or grey colored pants.

Accessories are the best when you want to enhance the look of your outfit. A nice silver bracelet and a elegant watch goes well with the mens outfit. While selecting the accessories make sure that they blend with the outfit and not overpower it. Avoid very flashy ones or sporty watches that does not match the outfit.

The footwear should also match the outfit and it is best to match it with the color of your shirt or tie. Mens loafers are a good option if you go for a casual style.