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Light Blue Linen Suit

Mens Summer Suit Its the time of the year. Again. Days get incredibly hot and your regular woollen suits suddenly feels stuffy and uncomfortable. Yes summer is here and with it the suiting problems. Though wool suits are breathable the puffy fabric simply is not comfortable to wear throughout the day when the temperature reaches searing high.

Linen suits are the saviour that you are waiting for. They are the best bail out for summer and good news is that they are available at every price and every cut. Here are some reasons to purchase a men's linen suit asap! Linen fabrics are strong and sustainable. They are of natural fibres and have great absorption features. They absorb the moisture and dry it quickly which is better than cotton which retains the moisture for a certain period of time. This makes it the ideal fabric for summer since sweating becomes a major issue. Linen absorbs and dries it quickly thus you are not struck with the fabric that plasters to your back on a hot day.

The reason with which some people argue against this fabric to use as a office wear is the wrinkling. This is because linen that is newly bought is more stiff than the worn out one and has no natural stretch like cotton. The wrinkling makes it look less formal but with increasing people choosing comfortable clothes to work and the workplaces leaning towards casual looks, now may be the time for linen. Linen suits are usually designed to work both as a whole and seperates. The jacket and trousers can be mix and matched with different outfits to achieve the required look. For example a navy linen jacket paired with a mens polo shirt is a look that you may require if you don't want to look too corporate.

Linen Suits When you think of linen the most obvious pictures that flood your mind is of people chilling in beach parties and outdoor summer weddings with beautiful backdrops. Thus linen has a perfect casual look that cannot be rivaled. The classic colors of linen suits are the lighter colors like tan, beige and cream. These are the indisputable colors for weddings and casual parties. When it comes to more formal events it is better to go with darker colors like navy, black and brown. If you need a more casual style you can opt lighter shades of the above colors.

The lighter shades of blue, pink and other colors give out a cool vibe that can be the look for events like parties and weddings. Light blue is a classic look that is opted in many weddings. Mens blue linen suits paired with darker color shirt gives you a royal look ideal for weddings. This color works well with light and hence is best for outdoor weddings. Donning the light blue linen suit with a crisp white shirt or a pale pink shirt that is preferably cotton can be a classic look. Thus choosing a right suit and then coordinating the colors is the key to get the right look that you need.