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Khaki Linen Suit

Khaki Linen Suit Summer is here and with it the undoubted vibe of ease and relaxation. The season may bring a lenience in dress code but it is no reason for a sloppy attire. With increasing workplaces allowing more flexible policies in terms of dress code the basic boxes to tick are professionalism and style. Thus summer suits may be the gateway for your creative professionalism and to look for ways that can give you a cool attire.

Thus in selecting a summer suit the first thing to look into is the fabric. Only some suiting fabrics adhere to the requirements of summer suit. One such fabric is the linen. Linen suits are unarguably one of the favourites in summer. The fabric in itself being lightweight and porous allows air movement thus keeping you cool. Linen is a natural fabric that is derived from the fibres of the flax plants. This material absorbs moisture and dries it out faster than cotton hence being the best fabric to pick if you dislike sweaty backs.

Khaki Linen Suit Linen is mostly a casual fabric and are preferred for events like summer weddings and cocktail parties. This can explain the classic lighter colors of the suit that you are most likely to find. More formal the event darker the color of the suit should be. Linen suits are mostly of lighter colors like beige, off white and tan. The sunlight also compliments the lighter colors hence they must be worn to daytime events. It also stems from the fact that darker colors absorb more heat than the lighter ones.

Khaki is one of the most common color in the summer collections. If you are thinking of a full khaki linen suit as your office wear try to go with shirts of contrast colors and gem tone ties. Linen is known for its wrinkly nature but rocking the laid back look with confidence is the key.

If you feel a full khaki linen suit is too much you can always go for seperates. A khaki linen jacket may be the summer asset that you need this season. Layering it over one of your office shirts gives you a thumbs up formal look while styling it with a t-shirt and pair of nice jeans or chinos also gives a equally cool look. Just remember to pair appropriate colored shirts with the jacket. Lighter colors like blue and white works while the brighter colors like yellow and red pop too much and effectively ruin the look.

Khaki Linen Suit Mens khaki dress pants are very similar to suits pants are are not very well fitted like jeans and chinos. Thus it is important to pair it with comfy well fitted blazers to complete the look. When it comes to color of the jacket it may be better to stick with darker colors like olive green and navy blue. You can also give it a lighter twist and go for colors like light blue giving it a classy party look. The ensemble can be paired with a nice pair of sneakers or mens shoes of your own touch.