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Blue Tuxedo Whenever we hear the words black tie event our brain immediately conjures up the image of a tuxedo. The tuxedos have long been the foundation of those events. In the past some of these events were held simply so that people could dress nicely and hang out. mens tuxedo offers the wear a tone of formality while still maintaining the swag of the outfit. If you think that this style is stuffy and outdated then you should think again. The black tie dress code is not as strict it was before. Now there are many tricks available so that you can still wear them appropriately but according to your personality and taste.

Now as it is one of the most formal dress codes and actually it is easier to dress for dress codes since you will know exactly what to wear. You don't have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed since the basics are all known. The black tie events usually would require you to dress in black and white more or less. A black tuxedo with white shirt, black bow tie and a nice black shoes is a perfect choice. Though it is not as frequent as the black tie events, in some parts of the world they still have white tie events which are considered to be more formal than the black tie events. They are almost the same as the black tie events but they require you to wear a white tie.

Blue Tuxedo Now as for other events that do not have a dress code it is better to clarify it with the host or someone else who is attending. Also remember it is always safer to be overdressed since you can later assess the situation and then remove a jacket or a bow tie.

Weddings are another one of the events that would require you of wearing a tuxedo. A proper black tie dress code is too much for a wedding and hence you can have a little fun in dressing up for these events. You can try on other dark colors instead of a classic black tuxedo. You still have to stick on to the basics. You can use peak lapels or shawl lapel. Peak lapels are the most formal of the two but when it comes to events like weddings and award events it may be fancier to use shawl lapels.

As for the shirt to wear beneath a traditional wing tip shirt works the best. You can use a simple cotton shirt and you can accessorize with button studs and cufflinks to up your game. If you are going for a fancier style then you can go with shirts with pleated front and fold down collared shirt. As for the formal events and especially for special events like weddings french cuffs dress shirt on the shirt are a good option to attract attention. If you are a guest or a groomsmen you should be careful while dressing up. If provided a code then it is better to follow it since straying away from it is a possibility that may make you overshadow the groom. But if it is a casual wedding like a outdoor one then the rules are relaxed and you can experiment with styles.

Blue Tuxedo As for other colors of the tuxedo that work one good one is the blue. It is one of the most elegant and style forward color which looks exceptional on a tuxedo. These tuxedos look unique and handsome and still more in a sea of black tuxedos. You can see them rocked on the red carpets and runways by some of the celebrities and models. This doesn't mean that the style is only for the celebrities. You can look amazing in this tuxedo if you simply follow some of the key points.

Now before that let us see a little history. The traditional black tuxedo has been in use from the late 1800s and for a long time was the only sane option for the groom and the groomsmen. Tuxedos were everywhere with the middle and upper class men basically living in these outfits. When the war started the luxury wear obviously dropping out of style but as soon as the war was over it again picked up. Black was the major color since it had a natural association with night and most of the events held were in the evenings. Apart from this it also gives the wearer an aura of power and dominance. When worn with a crisp white shirt, the stark contrast of these two colors creates a good look which definitely attracts attention.

Blue Tuxedo But there was even a time in the past when the blue tuxedos were at the top replacing the black ones. This was about the 1930s when people preferred the midnight blue over the traditional black. This extremely dark shade of blue was preferred because of its ability to retain its richness and luxurious look under the artificial light of the evening events. The black fabric too looks good but they are more reflective than the midnight blue and can also give a dull greenish or greyish cast especially if the tuxedo is not brand new. Also the black was for long the only option available thus making them the boring usual outfit. People who thought of black like that made midnight blue popular thus making them dominate the markets for a while. Midnight blue thus had a upper hand at special events like weddings and parties and the events which took place after sunset.

Now in recent times too while the black still dominates most of the formal events, the younger generation is leaning more towards other colors like blue, burgundy and other lighter colors for events where the rules can be relaxed. Some even for weddings ditch the tuxedos and go for suits in colors like rich blues, light greys and sharkskin. They have a clean look to it and can also used for other less formal events.

Blue Tuxedo Now coming back to the blue tuxedo the basic key point is to choose the right shade. You can choose the shade according to your taste but you should pick them out keeping in mind the occasion for which you are purchasing it too. If you are buying it for your wedding or any other event that you need to be the center of attention then it is best to go with bold shades like royal blue. This will give you a sense of glorified air and power which makes you stand out from the crowd in a good way.

If you think that royal blue is too bold or if you are attending your friend's wedding as a guest or a groomsmen then it doesn't mean that you should restrict yourself to black. A midnight blue tuxedo which looks blacker than black is a great choice for a man who still likes his unique style even when trying to blend in. This midnight blue shade works beautifully especially if the event is after sunset making them look rich and luxurious. This shade also helps you stay in the classic bar which means that you can still use them to other formal events too. Also if you want to dress up for a event but if you think black tux is too formal for it then you can go with blue tuxedo. Also they can be a formal alternative to blue suits.

Blue Tuxedo If your event or wedding is in summer then it is better to go with brighter shades of blue. This is great choice for summer weddings or beach weddings. If you want your style to be refined and more head turning you can opt for shawl collars with satin facings. But remember that you cannot wear them often like the dark blues everywhere since they pop out especially in the gloomy seasons like winter and fall.

Now for the shirt that you will wear with the blue tuxedo you should carefully choose it since a wrong choice can ruin the look of a nice expensive tuxedo. The best option for you is to go with the traditional wing collar shirt. These are one of the most easily available style of shirts and chances are more that you already have one in your wardrobe. If you still want a refined traditional look then try turndown collar shirts when worn with the blue tuxedo.

As for the color the safest option for you is the nice white dress shirt. If the event that you attend is a casual party vibe one you can go with a black shirt. Also the dress shirt that you use with the tuxedos should be distinguished from your daily white shirts regardless of their collar style. A good dress shirt should have small details that increase their refined look. Some of them are the hidden plackets that hide the buttons so that they don't show or stud ready plackets which use the tuxedo studs to close the shirt instead of the buttons. If you are going without vests then it is better to go with pleated shirts so that they aren't see through. French cuffs are also a good option if the event you dress for is important.

Blue Tuxedo Now if you are going with a no vest look you can still look chic with suspenders. As with any tuxedo you cannot wear belt since the tuxedo trousers do not usually have belt loops. Suspenders also give you an option to subtly add a splash of color to the midnight blue tuxedo without much effort. The black suspenders are a good option but it is a bit dull and unimaginative. White suspenders are another traditional option but when worn with a white dress shirt then they look blended and sublimely simple. If you don't have a very strict dress code to follow then it is better to include some color and patterns into your suspenders. It is still important to stick with the ones that fits well with the shade of the blue tuxedo that you are wearing without them clashing with the outfit. Paisley pattern is a good choice when it comes to dark colors like black and midnight blue since they look luxurious in their gold or silver embroidery. This is the same for the vests if you choose to wear them. Vests are recommended

when the event for which you dress up is a very formal one or if it is required in the dress code. The vests and the suspenders are the provisions that lets you keep the style even when you choose to lose the jacket for some time. It may not be relevant for the formal events but if you are attending your friend's wedding or prom then you may want to lose the jacket to rock the dance floor.

Blue Tuxedo The basic thing that you will need to rock a blue tuxedo especially the brighter shades is your confidence. If you think that a full blue tuxedo outfit is too much for you then you can go with separates for a more dynamic look. Even for a black tie event it doesn't always require of you to match the tuxedo pants and jacket to match. If you have to attend a stiff black tie event and still not ready to go all black then worry no further. You can just don on a Royal blue tuxedo jacket with a pair of formal pants and still be black tie event ready.

As for the footwear pair one that fits well with the blue shade of your tuxedo. The traditional lace ups can be replaced with formal slippers like loafers. While the slippers may look like a huge step down from the formality of the tuxedo it is why you will have to choose a good luxurious option like formal velvet slippers. You can wear them in dark blue or black without socks for a great posh look.

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Blue Tuxedo When we hear about black tie events or any formal events the first thing that comes to our mind is the tuxedos. Tuxedos are the men's garments that were literally made to be worn to these formal events. Like most of the mens wear the tuxedos also have a long history. But the case with most men's wear is that they changed a little too much in all these years from the origin. But tuxedos are one among the rare ones that retained its design and also its status for little over a century. This is what makes it an interesting garment to study to.

Now when we hear the words formal event and tuxedo in one line then we automatically think of black tuxedos. Black tuxedos for a long time has been the norm for formal events. But if you are a fan of award events or simply of fashion trends you would have noted that there is a steady increase in the number of people who is starting to forgo the black tuxedo tradition and go with colored tuxedos. If you are one among the people who are bored with the black tuxedo and thinking of trying out a new style then this article is for you.

It is true that black tuxedo has been the norm for a long time but there was a time in history when another color tuxedo replaced the black tuxedo and ruled the men's formal wear industry for a time. Yes, we are talking about the blue tuxedo. Midnight blue tuxedos for men was preferred more than the black tuxedo for a time. The rich shade and the sophisticated look of the blue tuxedo caught the attention of the people and soon spread like a wildfire. The midnight blue tuxedos for men even ruled the sales and forced the black tuxedo to take the back seat for quite some time.

Blue Tuxedo The thing with midnight blue tuxedos for men is that they were said to look blacker than black under artificial lighting and even better in the pictures. Most of the formal events at that time were held at evenings where the artificial lighting was included and thus the midnight blue tuxedos for men gained a lot of popularity. Black tuxedos sometimes tend to look dull and faded especially if they aren't brand new. But that is not the case with the blue tuxedo. The blue tuxedo has a sheen about it that makes it look new even after multiple uses.

Another major benefit with selecting blue tuxedo over a black one is that you get to choose from a variety of shades which is not possible with the latter. You can select the shade of blue tuxedo that best suits your need and taste. Some of the famous shades of blue tuxedo for men available are midnight blue tuxedos for men, light blue tuxedos for men, navy blue tuxedo, dark blue tuxedo and many others like this.

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