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Prom Suit Colors

What suit would you choose while you go purchasing this fill your formal wardrobe? Navy suits? Or grey suits? These are the usual choices that men make while purchasing the suits. But while these may work for the formal use like as workwear, there are events that would need you to try something different. For example, a prom is an event that will expect you to get innovative with the outfit that you choose. In that case, we have some prom suit colors that you should know about while purchasing for these suits. It is time for us to know that it is acceptable to wear colored suits and that the navy and grey suits aren’t the only ones available.

Prom Suit When it comes to prom suit colors, make sure that you consider the type of the event you are attending. Prom comes in different styles in different parts of the world. The celebration also varies according to the school or the institution. For example, the original prom events were very formal ones that required the students to dress up in tuxedos and gowns. But with time, the rules have been relaxed. Even though there are still schools that conduct prom as a very formal affair, most of the schools conduct it as a casual event. Thus depending on the type of the event you can make the choice of the prom outfit.

While choosing the prom suits mens the color of the suit plays a major role in determining the type of outfit. For example, a navy suit would provide you with a formal and classic look while a pink prom suit mens might give you a trendy and cool outfit. Thus make sure that you take some time to determine the color of your prom suit. Sometimes the prom events come with a dress code and thus it is best to take it into consideration before you make the purchase of the prom suits.

1. Navy suit
You might be surprised to see the recommendation after all this rant about the trying out new colors. But navy suit would be the best choice when it comes to formal prom events. If there is a formal dress code mentioned in the invitation then it might be best to go with a mens tuxedo or choose the navy suit to be safe. But remember that there will be a lot of your mates wearing the same type of navy suit style since it is the safest choice.

2. Grey suit
This is the next safest choice after the navy suits. If you consider the navy suits to be a cliché outfit then you can go with the grey suits for the formal prom event but know that it is not much better than the navy suits. There is still the chance of you twinning with most of your mates.

3. Burgundy suit
If you really don’t like twinning with your mates for the prom then we would suggest you to go with the burgundy mens prom suits. The reason why we suggest burgundy prom suit colors outfit next to navy and grey suits is because of the fact that you can get through the formal prom events with the burgundy suits.

Prom Suit The burgundy suits also have become very popular in the recent times. The deep and rich shade makes it possible for the outfit to look classic and also at the same time worthy of a magazine worthy look. If you are looking for a simple yet classy look then we would suggest you to style the Burgundy prom wedding suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. A pair of black leather Oxford shoes would round off the look properly. While this is the most basic look you can get out of the burgundy suits, you can also style them in smart casual and casual ways.

4. Green suits
Green is another color that is slowly gaining popularity in menswear. There are different shades of green suits starting from the dark to light shades. If it is a formal event, then we would suggest you to go with the dark green 2 button prom suits.

The fabric of the suits is also an important detail to note. Most of the prom events are held in the evening and thus it would be best to go with the wool suits. But if you are looking for a special look then we would suggest you to go with velvet suits or silk suits. When it comes to green suits, our recommendation would be to choose velvet green suits or silk green 3 piece prom suits since they when paired with a deep color like green gives an admirable outfit.

5. Pink suits
This would be a style that most people would skip out on. Though we have become a progressive community with time, there are still people who believe in the norms like blue is for boys and pink is for girls. We have been encountering more and more men breaking these stereotypes in fashion but we need more of it all.

Know that there are various shades in pink prom suits. If you are looking for a subtle style then it would be great to choose the light pink prom suits. Pink prom linen suits would give you a breezy look that will be best suited for the semi formal or casual events. The light pink prom suits would also be a great choice for the outdoor events. If you are still hesitant about trying out the pink suit look then you can style it as separates. For example, a pink prom mens suit jacket paired with a black dress shirt and black skinny pants would be a great look for the prom event. Other than this you can also choose to go with the patterned prom suit styles. For example, pinstripe prom suit would give you a subtly stylish look while the plaid prom suits might have a stronger look.