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Light Pink Prom Suit

People often dismiss pink as a girl’s color and thus it has been long avoided by men. But if you are watching the changes in fashion you might notice that there have been increase in the men who think that wearing pink is okay for men and this is a good change. Pink suits are a great choice for men who want to change up the look a little instead of sticking with the navy and grey suits. There are different shades in pink and today we discuss about the light pink prom suits which would be a great choice for a person who is trying out the pink suit style for the first time.

With the pastel colors becoming more and more popular with time trying out the light pink suit would be an easy job for you. If you are still concerned then we would suggest you to style them for the summer and spring occasions first since the color will immediately blend in for these events especially the outdoor ones. There are shades in the light pink suits and depending on your taste you can make the choice. For this you will have to go through the mens pink suit styles available in the market and then choose the best one.

Light Pink Suit The fabric of the pink suit also matters a lot since it not only influences the comfort of the wearer but also the look of the suit. Usually people would suggest wool pink suits but if the weather is too hot then we would suggest you to go with lightweight ones like cotton or linen mens pink prom suits. But if the occasion that you attend is quite important and you want the look to be special then pink prom velvet suits would be a great choice.

Since pink is still quite a new color to most men it might be hard to find the right type of styling. Thus we are here t help. You ask how? We have our beloved celebrities you can rock almost any style in this universe and taking some examples from the top designer’s ideas of pink suit outfits would definitely do some good for us. Along with the celebrity styles we have also out together similar ones which can be easier for you to try.

Timothee Chalamet
If there is one actor who has greatly risen to popularity in recent years then you will have to get Timothee Chalamet on the list. The man started receiving the spotlight from “Call me by your name” and since then have worked his way up with his impeccable acting. His fashion sense is also worth to be called impeccable. For any events that he attends you will not catch Timothee to be slacking and this was the same with the Little Women premiere event. The actor was spotted dressed in a pink formal dress suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers. This is a cool style for people who want a smart casual outfit out of the pink suit.

If you want a more formal look then you can choose to go with Timothee’s light pink suit look but instead of the white sneakers you can go with the black leather loafers since it will instantly up the style factor of the outfit. For a summer formal outfit you can style the light pink suit mens with a white dress shirt, blue tie and a pair of brown leather double monks. If you consider the light pink to be too bright then you can choose subtler shades like salmon pink suits. On the other hand if you are a person who loves flashy styles then you can choose pink prom suit look of Timothee Chalamet. For an event he attended the man looked fabulous in the dark pink velvet suit that he paired with matching dark pink shirt and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

Chadwick Bozeman
The late actor smashed it with his performance as Black Panther and he was also known for his simple but cool looks for the events that he attended. For an event that he attended the actor turned up in a salmon pink prom suit mens which he paired with a mild orange dress shirt and a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. People who love tonal styles should definitely try out this look.

Other than the above mentioned tonal style if you love to add some color to your outfit then here are some recommendations. For a simple and elegant style you can pair the pink prom wedding suit with a light blue dress shirt and round off the look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. Pink and blue go well with each other and if you like a stronger contrast then you should go with the dark blue combining garments. For example you can style the light pink prom suit with a navy dress shirt, navy vest and navy tie. A pair of navy socks along with burgundy leather brogues would give an effortless look for the outfit. Instead of the contrasting vest you can also choose pink prom suits vests if you like matching styles.

Mahershala Ali
The actor and rapper is known for his chic outfits and he delivered properly with a light pink suit that wore for an award event. The man looked incredible in the classicfit pink prom suit that he paired with a grey tank top. A pair of white and black athletic shoes completed the outfit.

If you love this smart casual look then you should also love styling the light pink prom suit mens with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. If you love the light with dark contrasting styles then you can choose to style the slimfit light pink suit with black crew neck t-shirt. You can also style the pink prom suit jacket separately with t-shirt and jeans.