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Wine Red Prom Suit

Wine Red Prom Suit When it comes to suits our mind usually supplies us with useful images of the navy suits and grey suits since these are the ones that we are used with. But there are events where it is boring to choose these suits. One of these events is prom and you might want to look dressed up for the same. In that case it is better to have some color involved and keeping that in mind we have a recommendation for you – wine red prom suits. We all admire the color red but when it comes to formal garments like mens suits and mens tuxedos we religiously stay away from it. But with the wine red prom suits you can actually make the look work. Want to know more? Read the article further since we intend to talk more about the wine red suits and why they are a must have in your wardrobe.

Prom is the night of celebration and how better to do it rather than wearing the color of passion? People usually stay away going with the red garments to avoid coming as strong and there is also the ingrown belief that any color other than black and grey are hard to pull off. But that isn’t the case when you learn to rightly style the garments. All you need is some confidence along with patience for try outs. In the end you will know what works for you best and we are positive that wine red prom suits have a high probability of becoming your favorite.

Wine Red Prom Suit If you haven’t noticed already red has become the color of the season. There is red everywhere especially with the holiday season coming up. If you are thinking about trying out the mens red suits for the first time then there is no better time to start. Most people immediately think of the bright red suits when we mention red suits but know that there are a lot of shades in red. Lately the dark shades red suits like the wine red suits and burgundy prom suits have been greatly trending. Both the celebrities and the fashion designers seem to be in love with this deep shade and thus we have been seeing them appear more often on the red carpets and fashion runways. The appeal of these dark shaded red suits are such that they are in the middle of the formal suits and the casual suits. They are not your usual navy or grey suits but they also aren’t the flashy ones. While they give you a special look they will also look appropriate for the formal and semi formal events that you attend. If these all do not convince you to buy the wine red prom suits know that you will look great and stunning in the suit.

Now as with all the garments there are different styles in the red prom suits too. It would always be best if you take some time to consider your options before you make the pick. Usually when it comes to prom you will have to look your best but also not overpower you partner. Thus it would be great if you discuss your outfit with your prom partner too. Matching styles are tacky but instead you can choose to subtly match the look. For example if your date goes with a beige dress then you can match the look by adding a matching accessory but keep it minimal like a beige tie or beige boutonniere. Our recommendation would be to think of styling the wool red prom dress suit with simple yet smart combining garments. But if you want your look to be special then you can choose to go with the red velvet prom suit or the silk red suits. It would give you a much noticeable style when compared to the wool suits. Take note of the styling aspects of these suits since they determine the overall look.

Wine Red Prom Suit We have brought to you some styling ideas for the wine red prom suits. Go through these to find the one which would suit you. Before you pick out your prom outfit make sure to check out the dress code of the event once that is if mentioned. While most of the institutions have taken on a casual approach to the proms there are few which follow tradition and go with the classic choice. In that case for a formal prom event you can choose a red tuxedo suit paired with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie.

But if there isn’t a need for tuxedo then you can go with the suit style. For a simple yet smart look you can choose to style the 2 piece red prom dress suit with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square. To pull the look of the outfit together you can add a pair of black leather loafers. This is one of the easiest wine red prom outfits that you can choose. Add a black tie to the mix if there is a need.

Wine Red Prom Suit If you are a black enthusiast then you can go with the chic styling of the wine red prom suit with black combining garments. For a smart look you can style the mens burgundy prom suit with a black silk dress shirt and a black pocket square. This is a cool look but if the night is chilly you can swap the dress shirt with a black turtleneck or throw on a black overcoat to the mix.

For a dressed up look you can style the prom red velvet suit with a white dress shirt, black vest and a black tie. You can also choose to go with the all burgundy prom suit look though this is a rare style when compared to the classic and the tonal styles. You can also style the suit as separates if you feel like it. For example red prom suit jacket paired with a black dress shirt and black skinny jeans would be a cool look.