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Gray Prom Suit

Gray Prom Suit You might already know that the gray prom suits are one of the most versatile styles that are available to men. Gray has now officially become the most popular neutral surpassing black. There are ample benefits to gray prom suits when compared to black suits. For one you have a lot of shade options in gray suits which is not be the case with the black suits. Thus having a gray prom suit mens in your wardrobe is mandatory if you are a person who do have suits in your wardrobe. Gray prom suits are one of the top recommendations when you are getting your first suit. All this popularity has made some people consider the gray prom suits a bore but that is not the case. When you know to style the garment perfectly then all is good again. In this article we will give you some tips on keeping the gray prom suit outfit exciting always.

As we have mentioned before there are a lot of shades in the gray prom suits and we would suggest you to rightly utilize it. Most people tend to be content with going with the charcoal grey suits again and again but exploring would do good for your fashion. For example while the dark gray prom suits are recommended for the formal events, go with the light gray prom suits for the summer and spring events since the lighter color makes you blend right in.

Also the fabric of the gray prom suit also matters a lot. If you are choosing the style for a formal event then wool gray prom suits are the best since they provide you with a better drape and a classic look. But for the summer and spring events where the drape looks dwarfed when compared to the comfort choose the lightweight styles like the gray cotton prom suits or the gray linen prom suits. These lightweight suits might not provide you with an impressive drape but they sure would keep you comfortable even if the event goes on for the whole day. Other than these there are the special options like the satin gray prom suit or the gray velvet prom suit which are recommended when you want to stand out of the crowd with the choice of your outfit. Make sure that you put some quality time in deciding the right fabric of your outfit. Also go with the most flattering fit which would accentuate your body type. If it is a very important event like your wedding make sure to go with custom made suits.
Gray Prom Suit
As for the styling since gray is a neutral shade you can make it work with almost any style. Finding the right vibe matters the most and for this you will have to consider the type of event for which you are styling the garment too. If you are looking for some outfit inspiration then there is no place better to look than Hollywood. Our beloved celebrities always serve outstanding looks on the silver platter and they are the ones that get the nod from the top designers too. What more do we want when we are looking for an appreciable style? Here are some celebrity outfit styles that you can copy or get inspired from.

Daniel Craig
If you are looking for an awesome and elegant look then James bond is your go to person. Both onscreen and offscreen our last James bond has not failed to impress us. For the London premiere of his film the Skyfall the man looked ahead of his time in a well fitted gray prom suit tuxedo that he paired with a white tuxedo shirt with studs and a black bow tie. He perfectly rounded off the look with a white pocket square and a black cummerbund. As for the footwear he went with the classic route of a well polished pair of black patent leather Oxford shoes.

Henry Cavill
If you are more of a suits type person rather than the tuxedo then you can choose to go with our Superman style instead. For the Man of steel premiere Henry Cavill looked dapper in the sharp gray slim fit prom suit that he wore with a white dress shirt and a black tie. He complemented the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes and a white pocket square. If you look close you will find that the tie that he wears is wider than the classic style. This is because of the fact that the man is well built and to match the width of his shoulders he chose a wider tie. These small detailing would help your outfit shine better than the rest of the crowd.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Gray Prom Suit If you are a person who loves to add your own touch to the usual and classic styles then you should take a look at the outfit that Jake Gyllenhaal wore to the Prince of Persia premiere. The man wore a black Tom Ford suit that he paired with a white dress shirt. This might look like your normal boring black suit outfit but he changed it all with the tie. The man chose to wore a funky printed tie with the black suit outfit that totally changed the look of the outfit.

Now if you consider your mens gray prom suit outfit to be boring or usual you can add a little of these details of your own to make it personalised. A colored tie like a red one that pops or even a patterned pocket square will provide a good change from the usual styles.

Bruno Mars
If you are looking for an outfit like gray suit formal wedding outfits that makes you look like you put in genuine effort to your outfit then choose Bruno Mars style. The uptown funk singer was seen wearing a 3 piece 2 button gray prom suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and a white pocket square.