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Floral Suits

Floral Suits When was the last time you tried on something other than the standard colored suits? One look inside your wardrobe and you will immediately know that you need something fresh for fashion. We men often are content with our business navy and grey suits that we forget there is a social life outside of work. Keeping your wardrobe updates is also important and we have a suggestion for you today – mens suits. We know that most of your minds short-circuited now and you are now looking for the back button to this article, but believe us when we say that floral are going to be your style savior this season.

Floral by default for most men is the pattern for women but this stereotype is slowly dying. More and more men have been trying out the floral suit trend and this would be a good time to add yourself to that list. For men who are still not convinced know that there are different styles of floral– some flamboyant and some subtle. If you have been used to the monotonous dressing style the you can simply go with the subtle suits. Once you gain the confidence, you can move to the bold and luxurious floral.

Floral Before going into the details of the styling, it would help for you to know the styles of the floral available and then select the one that would suit you in the best way. This involves going through the sites that have the floral suit on sale and finding the ones that are worth buying from. While getting the suit, you can consider different factors that will help you filter out the style you want. For example, you might want to choose only the best quality floral suit and hence you can look through the suits from top quality fabric. But if it is about the budget, you could use the filters that could show you the most expensive suits or the low cost floral. You could even find suits on discounts. Employing these filters will make the job of purchasing floral online much easier.

Once you have the suit of your liking, the next thing to focus is the styling. For the people who are still not ready to roll with the suits – it would help first to add some floral combining garments to your solid suit style. This is the easiest way in which you can get used to the floral pattern on the suit outfits. Here are some solid suits with floral combining garments style that you should try out first before progressing to the floral style.

Floral Suits If you are thinking of making it a step by step procedure then you should start from the smallest garment. For a simple and cool style that anyone can pull off, style the charcoal suit with a white dress shirt and a black pocket square. The pocket square is the best way to start since you would even forget that it there after sometime. And it is hidden for the most part which gives you the confidence to go on without feeling self conscious.

The next step would be to go with the floral tie. This is a slightly big progress from the pocket square since the tie is the center of your outfit and thus attracts a lot of attention. For a classy look, keep the patterns small. For example, you could style the navy suit with a white dress shirt and a navy floral tie. Together with the brown belt and brown leather shoes, the outfit would definitely spark interest.

Floral Suits You might have already guessed the next stage of our way to the suit outfit. Yes, the floral shirt. This is one of the main accessories and thus will command a lot of interest. Hence it would be best to style this outfit for the summer or spring seasons since these seasons easily match the laid back vibe of this particular outfit.

While getting the floral shirt to pair with the suit go with the ones that have the suit color in them. This will give the outfit a coordinated look without you putting in much effort. For example, you could style the navy suit with a navy floral dress shirt and then your outfit is over. It is as simple as that.

Mens Suits You might have become quite comfortable with the floral print now and thus it is time to progress on to the floral unique suits. The event for which you are styling the suit should be special. For example, most people purchase floral wedding suits or party wear suits since the floral pattern has an inherent celebratory vibe to it. Go for the affordable floral that are subtle but attention grabbing in the right ways.

While styling the branded floral, the first thing to keep in mind is to always go with simple combining garments. You have already selected a suit that is flamboyant and you do not combining garments that also fight for attention. This will make the outfit look messy. Instead go for the solid and standard colored combining garments that will highlight the suit from the background. White dress shirts and black dress shirts are some of the best choices of combining garments while styling the mens floral .

 Suits People mostly choose the floral casual suits since they intend to wear them for the semi formal and casual occasions. For example, you could easily pull off an unique floral suit for a garden wedding. But if there is a formal event involved like a work gathering then the suits would feel to be too much. In that case, you could simply choose to use the formal floral suit as separates. You could style the floral suit jacket with a dress shirt and a pair of solid colored dress pants. With the addition of dress shoes, the outfit would be perfect for these events.