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Boys dress suits

Boys dress suits Are you thinking of getting a suit? There is the standard style of the suit that we all know but there are also other styles of the suits to explore. Though the basics remain the same, these modern suits come with inclusions that make them look new and exciting. People looking to purchase boys suits for their children should consider going with the modern versions of the suits rather than repeating the same styles. In this article, we will discuss more on the different styles of the dress suits and how you can use them.

The reason why we suggest trying the new styles for the children is because of the fact that the little ones are less judging than the adults and also has an enviable confidence level. They can easily rock any type of style and thus suits would be a good option for these children.

Boys suits One thing that you must have noted when following fashion trends is the fact that it is ever-changing. Many trends come and go but some stay. You just have to try out the trends to know whether they would work for you or not. One of the reasons why the fashion trends become famous is the celebrities. These people have a fanbase that watches their fashion keenly and anything noteworthy becomes a fashion trend. Thus it helps to follow these celebrities on social media and to keep up-to-date with the trends.

If you are convinced about going with the modern boys dress for your child but do not know where to start then here is your clue. We have compiled some of the best innovative boys dress suit styles that the celebrities wore for the red carpet events. This will for sure give you an idea of what would work for you.

Troye Sivan
Boys dress suits If you are looking for a casual but elegant fashion then you should be looking Troye Sivan’s way. The south african born Aussie has become a sensation in the music world and he also has an Golden Globe nomination. The man looks awesome and dresses perfectly.

Though you might spot Troy mostly in casual garments, when he wears formals, he does it impeccably. For a Cartier event that he attended, the musician was seen wearing an all black suit that nicely complimented his complexion. Instead of the simple black suit look, Troye went on to style the striped designer boys dress suit jacket in black with a black dress shirt, a black tie and a pair of solid black pants. The look was completed with the addition of a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

For the concert, once Troye was seen wearing a light pink casual boys dress suit which he paired with a violet and pink casual shirt. The color of the suit and tie shirt perfectly complimented each other making for a cool outfit. Troye Sivan goes mostly with the slim fit suit style because of his lean stature. Go with the fit of the suit in which you feel comfortable.

Mahershala Ali
 dress suits This man is a rare breed who can pull off even a silly clothing with style. When he received the Oscars wearing a beanie, it miraculously was a good move since the man managed to look elegant in it. If you are a person who loves trying out new and bold styles then you should be taking lessons from the star.

Our Blade starrer always has a quiet swag which is enhanced by the clothes that he chooses to wear. For an promotional event that he attended, the star was seen wearing a double breasted black formal suit which he dressed down with a black dress shirt and a black pocket square. He had his signature round glasses on and along with the single strap leather monks the outfit was the epitome of classiness.

For a fashion show that he modelled, Ali was seen wearing a pastel pink party wear boys dress suit with a grey crew neck t-shirt. The double breasted suit style seems to do good for Ali and he has followed the style for a long time now. The double breasted suit style always offers a more classy and cool look when compared with the single breasted suit style.

Henry Golding
 suits The Crazy rich Asians starrer is one of the most reliably well dressed man of this decade and for bonus points he even tries out new styles. For example, for the promotional event that he attended, the man was seen wearing a double breasted black branded boys dress suit jacket with a black turtleneck and a pair of black plaid dress pants. Usually people go with the solid choices of the garments but Henry chose the patterned style and rocked it. If you are a fan of the patterned styles then this is a good outfit to try.

Frank Ocean
For people who like modified styles of the suits and do not mind trying out these styles then you should be following the fashion tips from Frank Ocean. But we should warn you since Frank is the most independently dressed celebrity you will meet. Most celebrities hire a designer for their outfits but Frank goes his own way.

Boys dress suits For example, for a formal event that he attended the celebrity was seen wearing a black hoodie with a white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black dress pants. He rounded off the look with a pair of black wholecut leather shoes. He also dressed as a bouncer for met Gala and wears deadstock vintage Nikes. If you like choosing your own styles without getting influences by the ongoing trends then take some fashion tips from Frank Ocean.

Eddie Redmayne
If your child loves a preppy look then look no further than Eddie Redmayne. For a promotional event that he attended, the fantastic beasts starrer was seen wearing a black and white checkered best quality boys dress suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie.