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Blue Suits

Blue Suits The color of the suit is one important factor that makes or breaks your outfit. While there are numerous suit colors out there, blue tops the list of the most preferred suit color. Why? The dark shades of blue, especially navy blue suits has been the popular choice of men. Navy blue denotes dependability, authority and loyalty. Also navy blue are the best choices to give yourself a serious and professional look. Top of it all, it is one of the suit colors that is insanely versatile. There are other shades of blue and everyone of them are famous. In this article, we will discuss the selection and styling of the mens blue suits.

Blue – the safe choice
Blue is a safe color since it helps the wearer blend in for any events and you can also style them with different combining garments. It looks great on any complexion thus having an universal status.

Now we mostly go with the dark colored suits but there are more shades to explore just in blue. Do not get stuck with navy blue and midnight blue since the comfort zone can do nothing better for your fashion. But when you just give the other styles a try, you are one step ahead of people who aren’t trying.

The other shades of blue
Blue Suits Apart from the dark shades, there are the brighter and lighter shades. These shades are not very often chosen but they are still better than the brighter and lighter versions of other colors. Men have a kind of comfort with blue that is not present with other colors.

Coming back to the other shades, the brighter colors give you an exciting and stylish look that would be great for the special occasions. For example, if you have been looking for wedding suits then royal blue and electric blue would be the better choices. You can also choose them when you want to get party wear suits.

On the other hand, if you want a subtle and mellow look for the summer events that would give the wearer a laid back kind of vibe then you can choose the light suits instead. These are casual blue and would look the best when work for the summer and spring events. The light color paired with the pouring sunlight would provide the best look for your outfit.

Blue Suits To select the best quality suit, we would urge you to look through the several options of blue suit online. Many shopping sites have the blue on sale and finding the right style is the real challenge. If you are getting the suit to wear for a particular event then you could first list out your requirements and then make the pick. But if you are randomly shopping then our recommendation for you would be to spend on time on the web and check the details of the suit. This will help you make a better and informed choice.

The fit of the suit greatly affects the look of the outfit. You could be choosing the most expensive blue suit but without the right fit, it will look cheap. For an impressive fit, you could go with the designer suits but you can also choose off the rack suits. But the life changing detail would be to take the suit to your tailor and then have some custom alterations done on the suit. This will create the look of the suit being made just for you.

As for styling the blue suit, there are infinite number of ways and you can choose anything that fits your taste. Here we have compiled some celebrity blue suit looks that stole our hearts. You can take inspiration from these designs and then go with a style of your own.

Eddie Redmayne
 Suits If you know the actor then you might know his brilliant and unique style of acting. But when it comes to fashion, Eddie seems to lean on the conventional side. He shows up flawlessly dressed to every event that he attends and there is a lot for us to learn from the formal styling of his.

For example, to the premiere of the film that he attended, the fantastic beats and where to find them actor was seen wearing a bright formal blue suit which he paired with a white dress shirt, dark bro n tie and a dark brown silk pocket square. He rounded off the look with a pair of dark brown leather shoes. This outfit would be the best choice if you are attending an important event for which you should look dressed up. You can also change the color of the tie and go for the black or even the matching blue tie.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling is another star who takes his fashion seriously and puts in effort to look brilliant. For the nice guys film premiere that he attended, the Gray man actor was seen wearing a luxurious blue suit which he paired with a white dress shirt and light blue floral print tie. The look was completed with a pair of dark brown leather double monks. Ryan Gosling is known to add his own sense of style to the outfit that adds to it a quirkyness. The floral tie is the proof of that and you can also try adding your own trademark to the outfit.

Dwanye the Rock
Blue If you are a big guy and want to rock the suits then you can take Dwayne as the inspiration. The man also looks awesome in the casuals. He carries himself well when it comes to fashion. For a commercial that he did, Dwayne Johnson was seen wearing a striped affordable blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and matching blue striped vest. The three piece suit style gives the wearer a more authoritative and Powerful look when compared with the two piece suits.