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Nehru Suits

Nehru Suit Suits are one of the most basic styles in our wardrobe and they have been for centuries. Most suit jackets and mens blazers come with the same build and style making it easy to get bored of it. If you are one among the people who just wants to try something different than the usual suit style then you should be thinking of choosing the Nehru suits. For people who are quite new to the suiting world, this might not be understandable but there is a high chance that you might have heard of the style already. In this article we will explain briefly about the Nehru suit style and how you can include it in your daily wardrobe.

We will start with the introduction of the Nehru suits for people who don’t know much about the particular style. While they are vaguely known in the western countries, they are quite famous when it comes to southeast Asia and especially India. This is understandable since the Nehru is itself named after an Indian. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India and he used to wear this type of suits all the time.

The characteristic that distinguishes the Nehru suit from the other styles is the presence of the Mandarin collar instead of the normal lapels in the suit jacket. This Mandarin collar is a short stand up collar that is often 2 to 5 cms in height. They cannot be turned down and come without the lapels. This Mandarin collar type suits were known to be a part of court dress in Northern India.

Nehru Suit If you are wondering about the name mandarin then it is derived from the mandarins in the imperial China. This type of mens suits are also popular in china and even now used for the military uniforms. The Nehru suit combines the Mandarin collar with the traditional Indian type menswear and the result is quite enjoyable. If you are attending a festive event then you should be choosing to go with the popular suits. It would provide you with a casual but dressed up look which is quite important for these events.

There are various styles of the Nehru mens suits and you can pick the one that suits you the best. It would be recommended for you to choose the simple and subtle styles of the Nehru formal suits while you are trying out the style for the first time. But if you are looking for a nehru costume that would be suitable for the special occasions then you should be going with the stylish and shiny nehru suits. Finding the right style matters and for it you will first have to know about the available styles. Though it might sound like a rare style, suits are quite common and can be purchased easily. Try searching the web using options like nehru near me and more. You can purchase the Nehru outfits in the stores or you can choose to purchase suits online. Whichever the case, make sure to go with the most stylish and also quality choices.

The Nehru are usually buttoned fully during you wear them and thus it is important that you choose the right fit. You could choose the Nehru designer suits Especially if you are looking for suits for celebrity type look. But if you consider the budget to be too high then you should be choosing to go with the readymade Nehru. While you are purchasing online, you could surf through the various styles of the suits on sale and then find the right choice. If you already know your measurements then you could compare it with the size chart and then make your order. While choosing the readymade Nehru, it is almost impossible to find the perfect fit and thus it would be better to take it to your tailor to get the alterations done. This way you can make the suit fit you perfectly.

Nehru If you are impressed with the Nehru style and want to try it for yourself, do not hesitate and buy yourself one fast. But most people might be clueless on the styling aspect and hence here are some tips on styling the suit.

There are different styles in the suits but the most popular nehru trend suits nowadays seem to be the sleeveless style. The Nehru suit Jacket comes in the sleeveless type and you can wear with it a dress shirt and contrasting pants. This is currently the trendiest way to style the Nehru suit jacket. If you are attending an Indian type wedding then you can style the beautiful nehru suit jacket with a white dress shirt that is longer and maybe a pair of white pants. You can complete this best Nehru outfit by adding a multi colored pocket square and a traditional style shoes.

If you are looking for a trendier and more stylish look then you can style the light grey designer Nehru suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. This would easily pass for the formal settings and give you a rich and classy look. To properly complete the look, you could add with it a pair of black leather dress shoes. For these types of settings, it would be best for you to choose the formal iconic style Nehru suits in the subtle colors.

But when there is a wedding or party involved then try out the vibrant shades that match the vibe of the event. Exotic nehru suits are recently becoming popular with its bold patterns. If you are looking for an eye catching look then try choosing the Nehru fashion suits. You can achieve both the formal and casual look with the Nehru suits and it all depends on the styling. You can easily make the look work when you carefully pick out the combining garments.