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Shadow Pattern Suits

If there is one pattern that men do not immediately run away from then it is the stripes. Strangely we have developed a liking and comfort with the solid colors and thus patterned clothing usually is not the choice of most people. But striped suits are different since there is a style for everyone. There are different styles of the striped suits and shadow pattern suits are one among them. If you are a person who is bored with the usual choice of clothes and want something different to try out then you should be choosing the mens shadow pattern suits.

Shadow Pattern Suits Shadow pattern is one type of stripes and comes with the lighter or smaller stripes on one or both sides. These lighter or smaller stripes bracket the vertical stripes on the clothing which in turn creates a shadowed effect. These stripes comes in different colors and thus the shadow pattern suits usually have two colors of stripes on them. If you want a cool look then we would suggest you to go with a suit that has one color in the variation of the main stripe color. This creates a coordinated effect for the clothing and makes it look cool.

The shadow pattern on the suits or any fabric is created by twisting the yarn in the opposite direction of the main stripes. This makes the smaller stripes visible only in a certain light thus creating an interesting look for the fabric. Shadow stripes are noted in different clothing materials, especially in accessories like ties and socks.

If you have decided to choose the shadow suits then know that choosing the color of the suit is the most important thing. Always go with unique pattern suits that have stripes in the complementary colors. This helps you easily pull off the suit without worrying about the stripes. Depending on the event for which you are dressing, choose the color of the suits.

 Pattern Suits You can get the pattern suits both online and offline. With offline shopping, you should spend time on visiting different stores and then choose the style that suits you. Shadow suits are not very common and thus might not be available in every store. The better option would be to get the suits online. You can just visit the web and search for the sites that have the pattern suits on sale. You can find these sites using search options like shadow suits near me.

The next step would be to check out the different styles of the suits available and choose the one that would suit your requirements. For example, you might be looking for branded pattern suits while some others might be looking for low cost suits. You can find all types of options in the web and all you need to do is to search through the sites carefully. Our advice for you would be to purchase from quality sites that have affordable shadow suits.

You might have got the suits but many might not know much about the styling since it is not a common pattern. You could style the shadow suits as you would the striped suits. Here are some examples on how you could style the mens pattern suits and we hope it helps you determine the outfit that you like.

Shadow Suits Striped suits though being patterned are considered to be formal. You could easily style the striped suits to your office when it is of appropriate color. Thus we will start with the formal styling of the pattern suits mens.

For a classy attire that you can wear for the winter workday, you can pair the formal shadow pattern charcoal suit with a white dress shirt and mint print tie. To complement the look of the outfit and to also save you from the cold, add with it a black herringbone overcoat and a pair of black leather double monks. For a more noticeable and sophisticated formal style, you could pair the navy most expensive shadow pattern suit with a white dress shirt and red print tie. Rounding off the look is easy with the addition of a pair of burgundy leather oxford shoes. The navy suits have become the most preferred style for office use. Also oxford shoes are known to be more formal than the double monks.

Another dress code that is becoming more common in work environments is the business casual. With this dress code, you get some relaxed rules and the most important among them is that you don’t have to choke through the day with the tie around your neck. Thus people are preferring the style more than the formal style. Here are some business casual outfits for you to try out.

 Suits For a simple and foolproof style you can pair the luxurious shadow pattern navy double breasted suit with a light blue striped dress shirt and a white pocket square. Now with it add a pair of black suede tassel loafers and charcoal sunglasses to complement the outfit.

For a polished and trendy look, you could pair the black designer shadow pattern suit with a black crew neck t-shirt. Along with a pair of black leather tassel loafers, you can bring out the classy side of this outfit. Instead of the crew neck t-shirt, you could also pair the suit with a turtleneck.

If you are dressing for summer then you could go with the light colored pattern suits. For example, pairing the shadow pattern tan wedding suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and blue chambray dress shirt is a easy and cool style for summer weddings. You could complete the look with the pair of white leather low top sneakers. For a casual and laid back style, you could pair the black party wear shadow pattern suit with a navy short sleeve shirt and then a pair of black leather loafers to elevate the look of the outfit.