Mauri shoes are the bomb.

Anyone who knows about the shoe business knows Mauri makes a great pair of shoes. No other shoe company can do what the Mauri factory in Italy does. This is because Mauri makes shoes most shoe companies don't understand. Mauri doesn't make shoes just to keep up with the latest shoe trends. If you are wondering what the big deal is, read on to learn all about Mauri shoes.

Why Mauri Shoes Belong on Your Feet and in Your Closet

Mauri is a trendsetter. The Mauri shoe line speaks in colors and incredible materials. The Italian shoemaker doesn't disappoint their captive audience. Every season Mauri comes up with a line that makes shoe lovers excited. The exotic skins, unique soles and heels of Mauri styles give men a sense of personal style. They also deliver a serious case of luxury overload. When Mauri put the first plexiglass heel on a men's four eyelet lace up in the 1970's, men went crazy. Mauri became the brand that didn't follow the same rules as Florsheim and Thom McAn. Mauri styles were bold, unusual and expensive. But the cost didn't scare customers away.

Mauri Shoes Mean Durability, Workmanship and Style

Mauri's stylists are shoe fashion kings, so they could charge four or five times above other shoe stores. This men's brand and their factory represent quality. But they also bring shoe dress comfort in the ever-changing men's shoe business. Mauri is an Italian shoemaker, but the company understands the American shoe market. When Mauri introduced a four eyelet, purple ostrich plain toe dress shoe to the American market, it was a hit.

When the factory put a fur collar on top of a black alligator, hidden gore slip-on, men wanted more. Their new hand-painted baby croc lace-up boots, radical square toes and extended-welt outsoles are must-haves. Stylish men who know Mauri shoes are on top of the men's shoe food chain.

Although Mauri stands behind their unique dress shoe designs every season, they also have a line of casual shoes. And they give the words "athletic and casual" a whole new meaning. Attend your next social event in a pair of black patent leather baby alligator hidden gore slip-ons. Just imagine them on a white and black skateboard type outsole. The sole is not skateboard friendly, but it is fashion royalty for some men.

The Mauri calfskin and python jogger is not a typical running shoe, but the designers at Mauri shoes think it is the only jogger worthy of walking the runways in Milan, Paris, and New York. Thanks to Mauri, you can combine comfort with coolness.

Mauri Shoes: Men's Footwear, Italian Style