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Alligator Shoes

lizard shoe When we need a special look with our outfit we go with the exotic skin shoes but most of the times it is either alligator shoes or crocodile shoes. We get that they are the most popular ones but there are a lot of other options to explore that are equally or good in their own way. Thus it will be better if you step out of the comfort zone and try out new styles for you to know about it better. In this article we discuss about the mens lizard shoes and the benefits involved with selecting it.

There are many benefits involved with mens shoes and most of it are concerned with the advantages of using lizard leather on the shoes. We list here some of these and hope that it will convince you to choose the lizard shoe when you are purchasing for your next pair of shoes. If you are a person who considers the bold look of the alligator shoes to be excessive then it would be best for you to choose the mens lizard shoe. The patterns on the alligator shoes or the crocodile shoes are mostly irregular the mens shoes have a simpler yet elegant look.

The leather for the mens lizard shoes are usually obtained from the ring lizards and teju lizards. These species of the reptiles are small in size when compared with the alligators and crocodiles. Thus the scale pattern on the are smaller and more intricate then the bold ones on the alligator shoes. The shoes have a subdued look which makes them more versatile than the other styles. The scales on the are also similarly sized when compared to the other styles and thus it is easier for the designers to make these lizard shoe. The uniform look of the mens lizard shoe unlike the irregular ones on alligator shoes which can be distracting and it also makes them great for styling to formal events. The thinner scales on the for men also makes the shoes easier to clean and polish and offers a classic look.

lizard shoe The quality lizard shoes are durable and can last for a long time with good maintenance. The leather skin is well known for its durability and also for its flexibility. Though the mens lizard shoe might look delicate that is not the case since they can adapt well to your feet. Because of this flexibility you can use the mens lizard shoe regularly and the shoes will still perform the best without the cracks that happen on the other styles. Other than this you also need not worry about the creases being developed on the since they are flexible and also tough.

All these characteristics of mens lizard shoe make them a very good choice for the men who are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes. Most of the time the alligator shoes will be used for the special occasions only but when you go with the soft lizard leather shoes for men then you can even use them regularly since it does not pressure your feet more. Also the lizard skin shoes do not have calcium in it and thus you need not spend much time trying to break in with the shoes on first use. If you are a person who values comfort every bit as they do with style then the mens lizard shoes are the best option.

As for the styles in mens lizard shoe you should first consider what you need and choose the one that will best suit you. Depending on the type of lizard skin use there are three main styles in lizard shoe. Teju mens lizard shoe are the ones that are most popular and these come with small square scales on the shoes. But when you prefer a more rounded type of scales then you can choose to go with ring mens lizard shoe. Nile mens lizard shoe are rare when compared to other styles and the scales on it come with rectangular patterns.

Depending on the style of the shoes in common the lizard skin Oxford shoes are the best choice you have. Most of the time men tend to choose exotic skin shoes for formal use and there is no better choice than Oxford shoes when it comes to mens lizard formal shoes for men. Other than this you can also choose to go with lizard derby shoes or lizard brogues.

lizard shoe When you want a more stylish and casual type of styles in lizard shoes then you can choose to go with monk strap shoes and lizard loafers shoes. You can style these mens dress shoes you can style them with both formal and semi formal styles making them a great versatile addition to your shoes collection.

As for the color of the lizard shoe you can choose the style that you think will be of best use for you. Black shoes for men and dark brown lizard shoes for men are the most popular since they can be easily styled with almost any outfit. The classic colors also pair well with all colors of outfit making them a great addition to your shoes collection. Other than this you can also choose to go with the light colored ones like the cognac shoes for men or two tone ones like black and white lizard shoe for men.

When you purchase mens shoes for men it is important that you check for the quality of it before paying for it. Lizard shoe or any other exotic skin shoes on the whole are more expensive than the usual calfskin leather shoes. Thus when you choose the shoes make sure that you go with the genuine shoes for men so that you get the best use out of the money that you spend on it. For these genuine leather shoes you can choose to go with branded ones like los Altos lizard shoe and Belvedere lizard shoes.