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Monk Strap Shoes

Strap Shoes The suit outfit cannot be complete without the dress shoes. Though you might think that they are least noticeable, it actually makes up a large part of your outfit. It is common knowledge that there are different types of dress shoes available but most people go with the Oxford shoes for formal use. But today we suggest you to break the norm and choose mens monk strap shoes instead. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to the strap shoes but the most important one is that it has no lace! In this article, we will discuss more about the mens strap shoes style.

If you pay special attention in choosing your footwear then you might already have a pair of monk strap in your collection since they have become quite popular in recent times. Monk strap shoe refer to the style of the mens dress shoes that come with the straps instead of the laces. These are easier to slip on when compared to the other dress shoes styles and also look more sophisticated. If you are a person who tries out new looks often and are looking for a change from the usual footwear styles then you can choose monk strap shoes. Personally, we think that the strap shoe look sleeker and more modern than their laced counterparts.

Strap Shoes It is always enjoyable to learn the roots of the style that has now become popular. The monk strap dress shoes for men cannot be called as a classic since they came into use only this century. But still within the short period, the monk strap shoe style have gained a prominent place in the mens footwear world.

While the exact style of the strap shoes emerged only recently, the idea was floating in the air for a long time. Though it would be impossible to mention a date it is said that similar styles of these mens shoes were used by people even in the Middle Ages. There is a story which mentions an English gentleman visiting a monastery located in the Swiss Alps. The monks in that place were using shoes without the laces. It is said that the English gentleman brought back with him the shoes and the idea of the monk strap shoe. Also monks – monk strap shoe. See the connection? Though it seems like a plausible story, no one can actually prove it.

Strap Shoes The monk strap shoe can be viewed as a closed version of the sandals. They are simple in design and easy to wear. There are different styles of the strap shoes that are available and you should choose the right one. The single strap shoes are the ones that first emerged in style. The aim was to create a comfortable and easy to put on shoes. The idea was well received by the people and soon aestheticism came into play. Soon there were straps shoes with two or even three straps on them. While these are the modern versions, if you want a durable and classy style then we would suggest you to stick with the single or double mens monk straps shoes.

If you want to know more about the construction of the monk strap shoes then we are here to explain. The strap on the shoes is broad and reaches across the instep to fasten on the saddle buckle. The upper is usually made of three leather piece. The quality of the shoes that you choose is very important especially if you want them to last long. If you are looking for durable mens monk straps shoes that you can use on the regular basis then we would suggest you to choose the monk strap calfskin leather shoes. They come in a reasonable price range and with good maintenance can last for a lifetime. But if you are looking for high quality monk straps shoes for men which you can wear for the special occasions then you should try choosing the exotic monk straps shoes. There are different options in the mens exotic shoes styles and we would like you to know the options before you make the choice. These expensive monk straps shoes will provide you a more sophisticated look when compared with the usual leather shoe styles.

Strap Shoes Here are some ideas on how you can style the monk strap shoe for outfits. Monk strap shoe are formal in nature but less formal than the Oxford dress shoes. Hence you can easily style the popular strap shoes with both formalwear and casualwear. For example, you could style the navy suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown check tie and a grey plaid vest for a stylish yet formal look. Now adding a pint of ruggedness to the outfit by including a pair of dark brown hot style monk strap shoe is just the thing that you need to finish off the style.

On the other hand, if you are dressing for a party and want to look casually dressed up then you can style the tobacco suit with a tan turtleneck and then include a tobacco overcoat. This stunning tonal look can be rightly completed with a pair of dark brown stylish monk strap shoe. For a simpler yet equally stylish look, you can style the navy sharkskin suit with a black dress shirt and dark brown print pocket square. To round off the outfit in the most effective way, add with it a pair of dark brown sunglasses and black rich style monk strap shoes.

Strap Shoes You can also easily style the monk strap shoe with the casual outfits. For example, for a trendy look, you can style the dark brown turtleneck with a pair of dark green striped chinos and then top it off with a grey overcoat. A pair of dark brown best strap shoe would be a best way to complete the look. Check out for the different styles of the monk strap shoes online and then make your choice.