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Black And White Dress Shoes

Black and White Shoe The words dress shoes directly translates to black or dark brown oxford shoes for most men but there are a lot more options than you would realize. While we agree on the fact that the black and dark brown dress shoes are the most popular and versatile style you can get your hands on it is does not hurt in any way to try out a different style every now and then. Two tone dress shoes are the ones that come with two colors on the same shoe and were a popular style in the 1930s. In this article we discuss about the black and white shoe and some of the best ways in which you can incorporate them in your outfit.

The black and white dress shoes are indeed a bold style when compared to the usual black shoes style. This style of the two tone shoes were famous among the men in 1930s and lasted till the 1950s. In recent times the style is making a comeback and surprisingly more among the younger generations. There are a lot of styles in the mens black and white shoes and you should know about these styles to choose the one that will best suit your need.

The two tone shoes come with two different times on the upper. There can be any two colors on these shoes but the most popular and classic choices come with the contrasting colors like black and white shoe or brown and white dress shoes. There are also styles that come with the dark and light shade of the same color and thus the options are endless. These black and white dress shoes can be of any style be it oxfords, derby or loafers and thus it is important for you to decide the style that would be best for you.

The most common recommendation that you will get is for you to go with black and white Oxford dress shoes since they are the most common and hence the most versatile of the bunch. These two tone black and white mens dress shoes can look relevant for almost any type of events and thus is the most preferred choice for the first time users. But if you want to try out a different style then you can choose to go with the black and white derby dress shoes. These are similar to the Oxford shoes but have a open lacing system which makes them look a little more casual than the oxford shoes. You can style them for the formal and casual events given that you pair them with appropriate outfits.

Black and White Shoe Black and white wingtip dress shoes are quite famous among all the other styles since they were the ones that were popular in the 1930s. If you are a person who appreciates the vintage styles then it would be best for you to go with this style of classic shoes. These mens black and white shoe can give you a dressed up and more sophisticated look when compared to the other common styles of the mens dress shoes.

On the other hand if you think that you have enough of the laced shoes style to last a lifetime then you can choose to go with the loafers style. Black and white dress loafers come in the slip on version that is devoid of laces. This style of the black and white shoes are now becoming increasingly popular in recent times. They were considered to be a casual style at the time of origin but now you can wear these dress loafers with even tuxedos if they are of appropriate color and style.

Another thing to note with the black and white shoe is the material from which the shoes are made from. Leather black and white shoes are the ones that are most recommended since they give out a standard look for both formal and casual events. Calfskin black and white dress shoes are the most preferred ones since they are durable and are also reasonably priced. But when you need a pair of shoes that you can reserve for special occasions then it is best for you to go with exotic skin black and white dress shoes.

Some of the common recommendations for the exotic skin shoes include the alligator skin dress shoes white and black and crocodile skin black and white dress shoes. These are expensive than the calfskin leather dress shoes and have a special look that makes them stand apart from rest of the styles. Other than the usual you can also try out the stingray black and white shoes or the ostrich black and white shoes.

Black and White Shoe Suede black and white shoes and velvet black and white are other options that you can choose as alternatives for leather shoes. Whichever the style that you go with make sure you select the quality styles that will last you for a long time. Cheap white shoes might be tempting at the moment but they can wear out faster thus costing you more on the retrospect.

As for the color of the black and white dress shoes the contrast between the two can get you a lot of attention. These white and black dress shoes are definitely on the bolder side and thus it will be best to style them for the casual and semi formal events. The white in the black and white dress shoes will give your shoes a flashier look and thus it is better for you to style them for the summer and spring events. For a cool look you can choose to go with black and white dress beige shoes or black and white dress turquoise shoes and if you want a truly catchy style then you can try out patterns by going with black and white polka dot dress red shoes and such.