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Mezlan Boots

Mezlan Boots If you are a person who often chooses to dress in formal clothes, then you might already have quite a collection of mens shoes. Dress shoes are considered to be the best match for the formal garments. But there are events where you don’t have to look formal and choose to go with your own style. In that case, it would be best if you leave out the dress shoes and try going with the mens boots. Boots have been in mens fashion for a long time now and we all have a special fascination on it.

While there are a lot of styles in mens boots, the quality matters the most. Thus it is best to choose the branded and trusted items like mezlan boots. You might already have heard about mezlan boots and shoes since they are quite famous but if you haven’t then read the article further. We also intend to talk about the styles of the mezlan boots and how best you can use them.

Before we go into the styles of the mens mezlan boots, it is always interesting to know the path of such a big organization. Antonio Sanchez is the owner and lead designer of mezlan and it might be surprising to know that he started from a small farming family in Spain. Though he lived around plants and animals, he knew that his interest lay elsewhere. Then he started working in his relative’s shoe company called mezlan. He worked there for 9 years and then went to market mezlan shoes to North America. He was on road for about 260 days during which he introduced the mezlan brand to premiere stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and more. He met the love of his life during these years and soon got married.

Mezlan Boots Soon Antonio has gatherer trusted clients and suppliers all through Europe and U.S. Antonio maintains his status as master shoemaker and the face of mezlan even after all these years. Mezlan has a legacy of creativity, passion and quality which it is followed all through these years. This has brought the spotlight on mezlan with the increasing range of customers from all over the world. If you are new to the footwear world and want to get your money’s worth of products, then mens mezlan shoes and boots should be your choice.

Mens boots are always considered to be less formal when compared with the dress shoes. But we all love a good pair of boots that will make us look great in our outfit. There are different kinds of boots and you can choose the one you love depending on your taste. The outfit with which you are going to style the mezlan men’s shoes also plays an important role in the decision of the type of the boots.

For example, the material used for the making of shoes is an important detail to note. If you are thinking about styling the boots with mens suits or other formal garments and want to it be dressier then leather mezlan boots are the best choice. These are the most preferred choices because of their affordable price and the good durability. If you are looking for a pair of boots that could work for years with minimal maintenance then mezlan leather shoes or boots should be your choice. Usually when it comes to leather mezlan boots, calfskin is the material that is used. But if you are looking for a style that is different from the usual choices, then you should think about checking out exotic mezlan shoes. These shoes aren’t too much different from the calfskin mezlan shoes but are made from the exotic animals like alligators, crocodiles, stingrays, lizards and more. Thus the aesthetic of these boots are different from the smooth look of the calfskin shoes. The exotic shoes give out a sophisticated and rich look. The price involved with these exotic mezlan boots are higher than the usual leather shoes but the look that they offer is superior.

Mezlan Boots If you are intrigued about the exotic mezlan boots then our recommendation would be for you to try out the mezlan alligator boots. These are the most popular style and thus the price is also higher. But when you get a quality pair of these alligator shoes, you can style them with the formal garments too. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go with the alligator shoes, then we would suggest you to try out the mezlan crocodile shoes. These are mostly similar to alligator shoes but the price involved is less.

The quality of the mezlan boots is unparalleled since each of the shoes are handmade with all the intrinsic details included. When it comes to boots, you already know that they come with more details when compared to the shoes. When you choose the mezlan dress boots they provide you with a rich and decadent look that will match perfectly with your outfit for the special occasions.

If you are bored with the leather mezlan shoes and boots, then you can try choosing the suede boots. Suede is a material that has been gaining a lot of attention in the recent times. Starting from the shoes to the handbags, suede is everywhere and it is time to jump into the trend. The suede mezlan black shoes are definitely less formal than the leather black shoes but they give out a simpler and stylish look.

Other than these, there is also the choice of going with the velvet mezlan boots. The style is obviously eye catching and would turn heads in the crowd. If this is what you require of your shoes, then there is no better choice than the mezlan velvet boots. You can even choose boots that come with the intricate embroideries on the shaft for the special occasions. But if you are new to the boots style and want to keep it simple, then there is no better choice than mens dress ankle boots.