Most people understand that denim isn't the most formal material in the clothing world. In fact, that fabric is the king of casual fabrics. Every man owns at least two pairs of those torn pants. Some men own every jean brand on the market because that's the way they roll. They want to feel casual while they work and nothing says casual better than a pair of torn jeans.

The Big D: Ways to Wear Your Favorite Denim Jacket or Suit

Wearing a denim jacket is also a sign you walk with the likes of James Dean and Willie Nelson. You're not afraid to let your inner party animal come out, even when there isn't a party. That's the thing about the "big D." It is one of the most trusted fabrics in the casual clothing world. When you wear it, you are always ready for a good time.

But there is a way to make denim look formal. There is a way to make your denim jacket look like fashion royalty. After all, most country music guys do it all the time. And one look at an Italian guy walking around the street of Florence confirms the royal attitude of the fabric. This look has help from a great-looking shirt and a dope pair of skinny pants.

Rocking Your Denim Jacket or Suit Like a Royal

MensItaly, the online retailer who specializes in Italian fashion, gives men the opportunity to see the regalness the Italians see. A badass denim jacket with a pink cotton long sleeve shirt and a pair of skinny purple slacks puts people on notice when you walk into a semi-formal party. Or, a long indigo jacket with an orange shirt and fuchsia tie with all the bells and whistles that zoot suit wearers put on to make their look special has a regal flair that people appreciate.

The best way to rock a denim suit jacket to feel and look like a member of the royal family at Windsor Castle is to make sure you are color coordinated. Put on that three-button jacket you found on the MensItaly site with a dark blue hue in its DNA and add a pair of torn jeans with that jacket. That look will make you country music worthy when you attend the next Country Music Awards show.

How to Buy a Denim Jacket or Suit So You Look Regal