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Mens Shiny Slim Pants

Shiny Slim Pant If you are a person who likes to dress up and doesn't mind trying out new styles then the mens slim shiny pants is just your style. This fabric has a right kind of shade and sheen to it that makes it stand out from other normal fabrics. But there is also the risk of overdoing it and ending up like a crazy person straight out of the 50's. So keep in mind to select one which is subtle and solid so that it looks decent and elegant.

Mens sharkskin suits are one such style that balances it expertly. Many have a wrong idea that it is made from sharkskin because of its name. Sharkskin is actually a smooth worsted fabric that is made from wool and has a very soft texture. Most sharkskin suits are from mohair or wool but sometimes synthetic fabrics are used. This two toned fabric was at its height of popularity in the 50's and 60's since it was highly favored by Frank Sinatra himself. The two toned look of the fabric achieved by basket weaving two color threads together along with the smoothness makes it light in weight and wrinkle free. They have a slight sheen to it thus making it look like the skin of the shark hence gaining its name. These mens shiny slim pants are mainly differentiated based on their sheen rather than their sheen.

Shiny Slim Pant The fabric when it was first made was of sophisticated slim design but the name was soon dragged to mud when synthetic fibres made its entry in the 80's and 90's thus giving it a unnatural shine which looked cheap. But the fashion has now changed and nowadays the sharkskin are more sophisticated and modern looking with slim fit than the previous shiny cheap looking fabrics. The elegant two toned texture and the weave of the fabric makes them perfect for suit making giving them a shimmering look to the formal wear.

These mens suits are best to be worn for special occasions and pairing them with other fabrics needs careful consideration. These mens shiny slim pants are available in standard shades of grey from light to dark. This is a lightweight fabric and it is best to be worn with spring and fall. If you are wearing this style for colder months it is better to bundle up. Colder the weather darker must be the shade of the suit.

Shiny Slim Pant Grey is actually a great color because of its neutral shade and obviously pairs well with both black and white. As the color is actually defined you will need to focus upon the right shine and shade and also keep the garments clean and crisp.

Other colors that work well with this shiny grey color is navy blue and lavender. When you are going to wear the sharkskin shiny slim pants that has a sheen to it you will have to match the look. If you are wearing main garments like the jackets ins sharkskin then you can keep all other mens accessories in matte texture since the sheen of the fabric itself attracts a great part of attention.