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Double-breasted white tuxedo for men


There are very few choices when it comes to men's clothing design and double-breasted suits remain classic up until now. Adding great formality to the styling, they will yield you a remarkable impression. Are you looking to have a baller look? Then without much ado, shop for double-breasted suits. If you are looking to shop for white DB tuxedo, then have landed up on the right page. This piece of writing will throw light on some of the things that you should consider when buying your White DB suits.

Buttons are what makes the look stand out; some DB jackets have six buttons traditionally, while some have flattering four buttons. Irrespective of the number of buttons you have on your jacket, unbutton the bottom button and don't forget to do up the interior button as this is what helps the jacket stay closed and lay flat. As a matter of fact, DB suits look better than expected if you are going to button up, but as with everything in men's clothing, there are always exceptions.

One of the most important things you need to contemplate on is the length of the jacket, to create space for the over-sized lapel and intricate button design; DB suits will always be a bit lengthier to balance out the look. You need to ponder on the length of the jacket and avoid the ones that are too long. However, it should pass the crotch-line of your trousers at its top and strike the middle of your zipper at its shortest. To put it simple, it should lay flat around your hips.


When it comes to tuxedos, there are varying rules of etiquette one should tag along, but as far as a white tuxedo is concerned, depending on the type of tux you are wearing, you will have to go behind a particular protocol. On the other hand, no matter the type of jacket, it must be totally immaculate with no stains or tears.

There may be so many pairing options, but nothing can beat the look of Daniel Craig white tuxedo look. If you wanted to achieve that same classy look, then you need to go for pure white color and should consider pairing them with black slacks and shiny black shoes together with black bow tie. Let me be more precise, it is good to be clear with the don'ts of a white tuxedo and you are sure to achieve that perfect look.

Gear up for a fresh season with a double-breasted white tuxedo and add loads of excitement. Spice up the look with some striking accessories and you are good to go.

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