Plaid shirts, stripe shirts and colored shirts got a bad rap in the 1960’s. If you wore navy trousers, short sleeved shirts and a skinny blue tie with a tan blazer, you were a fashion plate. But those shirts had to be white to get any respect from those who loved that boring men’s look. In fact, men often needed guides on how to step out of that boring comfort zone.

The plaid shirts, stripe shirts mentality was alive and flourishing in those days. But that mentality was not for all men. Trying to rock a plaid shirt with a suit was a no-no. And if a man wore a shirt with stripes, he had to wear solid color pants, too. If not, he would face the wrath of the not-so-creative men’s fashion police.

Plaid Shirts, Stripe Shirts Add Color and Pizzazz to Any Outfit

But all the taboos and the misconceptions surrounding plaids and striped shirts are history now. In fact, one look at the MensItaly website tells a different fashion story. It’s okay to coordinate a plaid shirt with a pair of dope stripe pants. And a dark blue stripe shirt with a pair of navy and white plaid wide leg dress pants works great.

A navy pinstripe double-breasted suit with a plaid orange and white cotton shirt is high fashion. But some men have a hard time adjusting their style to the plaid shirt, stripe shirt explosion. And most don’t know how to coordinate what plaid goes with what stripe. Remember, the easiest way to put a plaid-stripe look together is to make sure one color is louder than the other.

Be Bold and Exciting with Plaid Shirts, Stripe Shirts and Patterned Shirts, Too

Wearing a tiny green and black striped shirt with a plaid pink and purple madras jacket is cool. However, add a pair of black pants to pull the look together. And a gray and black pair of plaid trousers and a small stripe black and white shirt can be a home run. The trick is to keep your plaid shirts, striped shirts and ties in a symbiotic relationship with your pants and jacket. The MensItaly website can help you find the best shirts and plaid suits online.

How to Color Coordinate Plaid Shirts, Stripe Shirts the Right Way