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Royal Blue Tuxedos


Royal blue tuxedo If you are the groom of the wedding and looking for something different than the black tuxedos, try going with royal blue tuxedos. The black tuxedos have been the norm of formal events like weddings for a long time now. But in recent times the trends are changing and the grooms are hanging the traditional black tuxedos and going for contemporary colored tuxedos. One such fashion that is preferred to a great deal is the royal blue and in this article we are discussing about some of the tips that will help you shine in the outfit.

Royal blue are a slightly brighter style and thus it is best to reserve these tuxedos for semiformal and casual events. Summer weddings and cocktail parties are good choices for rocking the royal blue tuxedos style but when it comes to black tie events it is best to stick with dark ones like black tuxedos and midnight blue tuxedos. The advantage with the royal blue is that they will create a fresh look that will let you stand out from the crowd of usual black tuxedos.

Royal blue If you are thinking of going with royal blue there are some things that you should decide on. The material of the tuxedos is the first thing that you have to consider. Most recommendations point you towards wool tuxedos but you need to consider the climate at which you are going to wear the garment. For example if you are getting it for a beach wedding then going with lightweight options like linen tuxedos or cotton tuxedos might be a better choice compared to wool tuxedos. Also consider the formality and nature of the event for making the choice. If the event is a semi formal one that would allow you to sport dressy looks you can try out luxurious ones like silk royal blue tuxedos and velvet tuxedos. These fabrics have a sheen about them and when paired with patterns can make you look stunning. Floral royal blue and paisley tuxedos are some of the popular recommendations when it comes to royal blue tuxedos.

The lapels on the tuxedos play a major role and hence you should choose it carefully. If you are attending a formal or semiformal event it is best to go with peak lapel royal blue tux. On the contrary if it is a dressy event where you don't mind showing off then go with shawl lapel tuxedos. Most of the royal come with lapels that are of the same color as the rest of the tuxedo jacket. But if you want a distinct style you can go with royals with black lapels. When you go with this style you can wear the with black lapel jacket with black pants and black bow tie. For a stylish look it is best to go with slim fit royal blue tuxedos.