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In 1847, Matthew and Rebecca Wildsmith established a footwear manufacturing business in London. It was named Wildsmith shoes. In 1926, catering to King George VI’s demand, Raymond Lewis Wildsmith (Matthew and Rebeccas son) came up with a shoe style that King George could wear only indoors. And that, is where the immortal style of slip-on loafers originated and men have been in love with it ever since.

Ever wondered how men can sometimes look so elegant even with casual loafers on? Yeah, that is probably because they are exotic skin loafers instead of your regular no-heel slip-on loafers. These shoes are extremely comfortable and perfectly ideal for formal and informal occasions. They form the perfect bridge between formal and informal and are a staple in American style. If you are thinking of wearing loafers to that wedding or homecoming or business event or prom, I just want to ask you, why are you thinking? Just go with it. It is the perfect, unquestionable, easy, style-statement suitable for men of all ages. Just go for it. It came around in the 20th century as a professional style, and became timeless.

If you want to just spice up your entire casual ensemble or maybe are just looking for the perfect style statement for a formal event, definitely go for exotic-looking skin loafers.

What kind of loafers should you buy? Considering all the different kinds of loafers that has emerged in the recent years, (penny loafers, tassel loafers, Apron, Gucci loafers etc.) the safest choice would be tassel loafers. Tassel loafers look good with both business suits and casual denims and shirts. Black or navy tassels are formal enough to go with a three-piece suit or blazers for a business event. If you are wearing corduroy, flannel or chinos, go for penny loafers. They somehow go with chinos or corduroy like yin and yang and come in a wide range of colors. Also, all slip-ons are not loafers. Loafers have a distinctive moccasin seams.

In a nutshell, penny loafers are the ones with a leather strip on the front which can fit a penny (hence the name). Moccasins have a weave over the top of the shoes (may have a lace). Apron loafers have an extra piece of material across the top of the shoe and Italian ones, have a metal clasp. Tassel loafers are lace-less shoes that have leather bunches hanging from the top of the shoes for decorative purposes, like tassels.

A leather monk strap styled loafer that is available in black, chestnut color and other vibrant colors, like ocean blue, gives a very distinctive addition to your look. It works like magic with a pinstripe suit. If your suit has a kind of distinctive vibrancy to it, like velvet fabric usually gives any suit, then also go for velvet loafers (maybe of a red or black color). This will, for sure, make you stand out from the crowd in any room you are present in.

Loafers are especially an amazing choice for proms- when you want to dance with your date comfortably but also look like the only heart-throb in the room. Go for a good button-down crisp white shirt with navy striped tie and blazer. Finish it off with a fashionable calfskin black shoes. They will shine with mysterious elegance, like you will. If calfskin is not what you like, try suede leather! If you would like to give off mysterious, nonconformist and rebellious vibes, then try studs on black leather loafers. These loafers have studs on them, they are specially designed for one-time events where you want to shine out, and look freakishly cool. Just remember to dress up good if you want to rock these pairs- try not to pull off an Elvis Presley style with studs on your shoes (unless it’s Halloween).

Can you wear loafers with jeans? Hell yes, you can! With a casual outfit, like denims and polo shirt, try embellished\embroidered loafers in black or blue. Go for jeans and t-shirt and suede shoes to keep things casual. Go for loafers with khakis or shorts during the summer season to keep your look light and breezy.

Can you wear loafers to an interview? Sure you can. As long as you do not wear a color that is too unprofessional (like red, orange, white etc.). Go for brown or black suede\calfskin shoes. Try Italian loafers (the ones with a metal clasp over the top)

The crocodile-skin looking leather often comes at a price. The good, high quality ones are expensive, but often because of good reason- they are harder to find and make and look way too cool to go with a regular outfit, does not even go with a regular suit. So these high profile shoes, are saved for high-profile events on life. Like proms, weddings, being a groomsman etc. If we are talking about exotic skin shoes, then there also comes the lizard brown loafers. You can wear these just like you would wear a crocodile skin loafer. Make sure that the colors you are working with are favorable and go with your entire scheme. Try to wear complimenting colors, like navy or black or brown shoes with suits of the same colors. Brightly colored suits also work great with brown loafers.

If it is a wedding you are looking forward to, and your entire ensemble is in the light-colors or pastel colors range, you could try on white genuine suede or leather shoes. Can you wear socks with loafers? Typically, no. But I you want to, then sure, go for it. Will not be a big faux pas.

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about loafers, how, when and where to wear them, know the different kinds as well, you may be wondering where you can get these shoes at cheap prices. Visit us through . Many shoes are on sale, especially the typically expensive ones. No need to compromise on quality and looks because of prices- rest assured.