Finding big and tall suits can be tricky. However, knowing where to look and what to look for in a suit takes the trickery out of suit buying for big men. The main thing to understand is a well-fitting suit can hide things that can be embarrassing when a tall man hits the streets. You don't want to wear a suit jacket that is too small. And, you sure don't want to wear suit pants that don't get near your shoes.

The experts say big and tall men should wear suits that touch their bodies, but don't restrict movement. Wearing a suit that's too big will add bulk to your body, and that's not a cool look. If your suit is too tight, you will look bigger. Also, you may feel like you're experiencing a stranglehold from a professional wrestler.

Big and Tall Suits: To Tailor or Not to Tailor

Some big men know a tailor can make all the right adjustments in a ready-to-wear suit. It's common for a big man to find a suit online that needs a minor adjustment in the jacket or pants. And a minor fitting cost doesn't destroy your bank balance. Some tall men like to wear heavy fabrics, but that's not a good idea. Find lighter weight fabrics like cotton or tropical wool because they don't add extra bulk to your body.

And even though your suit is cotton or lightweight wool, you still want to buy mens big and tall suits that have good bone structure. Buy a well-structured suit that has a lining and correct suit stitching if you want to dress for success. Plus, forget about pleated suit pants and suit pants that taper at the bottom. They are bad news for big guys, too.

Single-breasted suit jackets make the most sense for tall men. The jacket should be loose enough, so you can raise your arms. And it should be long enough to cover your behind. Don't be afraid to buy a suit that has bigger details like slightly larger jacket pockets or wider lapels. Plus, a double-vented jacket will add shape and flexibility to your appearance.

Also, pay attention to your tie choice. A beautiful tie adds an air of elegance and refinement to your suit. You'll need a little wider tie that reaches the top of your belt when you tie it. A short, narrow tie on a big man has the same effect as socks on a rooster. But color is important too. You know you look good in dark colors, so buy your mens big and tall suits in navy, brown or black.

Mens Big and Tall Suits: Adding That Personal Touch