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Mens Wool Car Coat

Wool Car Coat Have you heard about car coats? No we are not talking about the coating that is provided for the cars but the mens overcoats that are known as car coats. Mens wool car coats are one of the popular style of the winter coats that are available in the market and if you do not know about them already then you should do now. Mens car coats continue to be one of the most preferred and classic styles in mens overcoats. They come in different materials but mostly of wool which makes them a versatile wear. In this article we will talk in detail about the mens wool car coats and some of the best ways in which you can style them for different occasions.

Before we go into the rant on how car coats are a good style for you and why you should have them in your winter wardrobe we would like to talk about the history of the coats. You might be wondering why the car coats got its unique name but it is all related. The car coat style first came into use as the outerwear that was worn by the automobile drivers and passengers. See the connection? Now it is a common outerwear style and one that is preferred regardless of the profession of the people.

Wool Car Coat The car coats were initially designed to be thick and long so that the wearers get maximum protection against the cold while driving. But with time the wool car coats reduced in length and became a shorter coat that reached up to the mid thigh level. In the early times of its origin the wool car coats were preferred to be worn by both men and women. The car coats were often referred to as motoring dress in the 1900s when it first came into style. At that time people drove as an outdoor sport and the cars came without the hood. Thus people who rose in the cars both the drivers and passengers were prone to get covered by the mud and dirt since paved roads were not the trend those days. Thus to protect their precious clothing and also to save their hairdo people found protective clothing. These were similar for both men and women. For the winter the outer coat was made of thick materials like wool and fur so that it can withstand the cold but for the summer people went with something called the duster coats. These mens coats were made from materials like wool and linen. These duster coats were later known as the car coats.

After the war the car coat reduced in length to reach the mid thigh portion of the wearer. This modern style of the men’s wool car coats were popularly called as the jeep coats. By the mid 1900s people started producing coats made from nylon and other materials but the primary focus was still on keeping the warmth. Since then the car coats have undergone many iterations but not major ones which made the coat one of the popular styles in winter clothing of men.

Wool Car Coat If you are convinced about getting yourself a mens wool car coat then the next thing that you have to do is to know more about the styling. Car coat is a versatile garment that can be paired with any styles be it formal or casual. You just have to find the right style to be paired with it. Here are some of the wool car coat outfits which you can copy as such for an impressive outfit.

For a classy and masculine winter outfit you can choose to style the wool knee length coat with an outfit that consists of a navy suit paired with a white dress shirt and a navy scarf. To give the outfit a little more laid back look you can add with it a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a business casual style that can make you look smart beneath the layers you can style the brown mid length wool carcoat with an outfit of a white wool turtleneck, tan blazer and a pair of cream dress pants. To round off this classic style of the outfit add a pair of dark brown socks and dark brown leather Oxford shoes.

While you can pair the mens wool car coat with the formal outfits it looks better when styled with the smart casual and casual garments. Here are some of the outfit ideas for you. For a simple and easy to put together off duty look you can style the olive green wool ¾ length coat with an outfit that consists of black turtleneck and black chinos. Add with the outfit a pair of black leather Chelsea boots to get the cool winter outfit vibe. On the other hand if you are feeling a bit dressy then you can choose to style the patterned wool mens car coat with a navy chambray long sleeve shirt, white knit wool turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. To make the style camera worthy add with it a pair of black socks, dark brown leather Chelsea boots and black sunglasses.

Wool Car Coat For a visit to the neighborhood or the store you can choose to throw on the mid length wool carcoat with an outfit of white long sleeve shirt, beige crew neck sweater and a pair of black chinos. Still feeling chilly add a grey knit scarf and then complete the look with a pair of black socks and white canvas low top sneakers. Like a casual and trendy look? Then we have got the outfit just for you. Style the wool designer mens coat with grey print t-shirt and black skinny pants. You can choose the fur collar wool carcoat if the temperature is too down. While choosing the mens wool car coats make sure to get the right fit. Men’s slimfit cat coats are the ones that are usually recommended but look through the wool car coat sale to find the one that would suit you.