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Vicuna coat

When the temperature starts to drop we start to take refuge in our winter wardrobe. If you haven't upgraded your winter style in a long time it is certainly important that you do so since there are a lot of styles in the market that can make your great coat look like a oldie. The luxurious styles have always had a special place in winterwear. In this article we discuss the vicuna and all that you need to know about them before you make the pick.

The mens overcoats have always had an appeal for the men with their mysterious turned up collar look and swishing of the fabric. But in reality we wear them to escape the cold and thus the fabric from which it is made of is the most important aspect to note while getting the coats. Usually most men tend to go with the wool coats since they are the most practical and versatile. While there is no counter argument to the fact that the wool coats are the best for regular use you need not stick with the same when styling for the special occasions. You deserve to pamper yourself to a certain deal and look your best for these events.

 coat When it comes to luxury coats your mind would conjure up the image of the cashmere coats since they are the ones that are most popular. But there are a lot more styles available which can give you a great look. One among them is the vicuna and they have been in use for a long time now. Vicuna are made from the hair of vicuna which is one of the two wild South American camelids which usually life in the high alpine areas of the Andes. The fleece of the vicuna is very fine and it was considered to be the cloth of gold. The Incas, people of the Inca which was the largest empire in pre Columbian era worshipped vicuna and only the inca royalty were allowed to wear the vicuna fabrics.

It is said that there were about three million vicuna in the terrains of Andes but when the Spanish conquistadors heard about the seemingly silk of the new world they started to hunt the vicuna and this continued for centuries. The coats are considered to be the most expensive of all the luxury fabrics. There was a time when US President Dwight Eisenhower's chief of staff was force to resign in 1958 since he accepted a coat from a textile mogul who was at that time under federal investigation. By 1960s the mens vicuna were at their peak and most expensive since there were only 5000 vicuna left in the Andes region. After this the government of peru banned the hunting of vicuna and classified them as endangered. But even today the vicuna can cost you a lot when compared to the wool or the even the cashmere coats.

If you want a luxurious and finest style and would not mind to spend some quality money on it then you can choose to go with the vicuna coats for men. Per kilo of vicuna fabric can cost you between $399 to $600 while per kilo of cashmere would cost only $75 to $85 and only $6 of wool fabric. But if you are not ready to spend this much on the vicuna fabric then it will be best for you to go with vicuna blend coats. There are different choices you can go with and depending on your need and your budget you can choose the style.

Vicuna wool coat is the one that is most preferred since the cost can come down a great deal and thus make the coats affordable. When you go with the mens wool coats you can even choose to style them for regular use. But when you need to maintain the luxury look of your coat then you can go with the vicuna cashmere coats. The price of these mens coats will be higher than the wool coats but much lower than the pure vicuna. When you choose these vicuna blend coats make sure to properly select the amount of each fabric in the coat. Sometimes when you choose the right blend you can combine the best properties of both the fabrics making them the perfect choice.

Vicuna coat When choosing the vicuna coats or the vicuna blend coats you should make sure that you go with the authentic ones which is worth of the money that you pay for it. There are a lot of fake ones in the market which the sellers can try to pass as the real ones and thus make sure you do not fall for these frauds. To make sure that you choose the genuine vicuna coats it is best for you to go with the branded ones like the Ralph Lauren vicuna coats and such.

As for the color of the vicuna when you need a natural look you can choose to go with the brown coats but there are also dyed versions available in the market. When you need a versatile style you can choose to go with the black vicuna or charcoal grey vicuna coats. When you need a different style then you can choose to go with brighter styles like red coats and such.

Now if you live in a tropical place then overcoats might be suffocating to wear even for the winter season. In these cases you can choose to go with the vicuna sport coats or any other outerwear styles that are less thick than the overcoats. If you want a style that you can wear for regular office day then you can choose to go with the vicuna wool sport coats since they are less expensive and more durable. When you choose the vicuna or vicuna sport coats make sure to maintain them properly for it to last long.