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Belted wool coat

Belted wool coat Thinking of choosing a winter overcoat? Wool overcoats are the ones that are usually chosen but there are options which can provide you with a different look than the usual long overcoats. In this article we talk about belted wool which must be on the purchase list. These are like the usual wool coats but come with a belt near the hip portion. This is one of the trending styles for the winter outerwear and you should try them out to experience the appeal. The belted wool depending on the style you choose can provide you with a classic look or a chic look thus making it a versatile style. Know more about the mens coats by reading the article further.

The belted coats is mostly preferred by people who do not like to look drowning in the fabric even if it keeps you warm. Usually people would love the long overcoats but it takes out the appeal of the fitted clothes that you wear underneath it. Thus with the belted wool you can showcase the figure. This js mostly recommended for the bigger guys since the belted coats can make them look slimmer. But if you are a person who has a bigger middle then it is best for you to avoid going with the coats.

When we mention belted coats most people would imagine the trench coats and rightly so since the idea emerged from them. The trench coats come with the belts and this is a classic style. But in recent times there are many more styles of the belted coats available and depending on your need you can choose them.

 coat While choosing the belted coats the first thing that we want you to note is the fabric of the coat. If you are looking for a style that would work for the formal and regular use then belted wool fabric coats are your best choice. Also choose the darker colors since they are more versatile. Other than this you also can think of getting the blends if you feel like it. Think about the event for which you are getting the outerwear and choose accordingly. For example if you are looking for a coat that you can wear to the special occasions then you can choose belted wool cashmere coats. There is also the option of going with the belted wool blend coats but with the synthetic fabrics blended with wool. But we would recommend you to choose the natural fabric coats even if the price is a little high since they are the ones you will feel comfortable in.

There are various styles in the coats and trench coats are one among them. If you are a person who loves the classic styles then trench coats might be the best choice for you. But the thing with trench coats is that they are light in weight and thus cannot provide protection against extreme cold. In that cases it would be better to go with the thick wool belted coats.

Belted wool coat If you are thinking about the styling of the belted wool then here are some ideas which might help. You can style these coats with both the formal and casual garments but make sure that the styling is on point. If you are pairing your belted coat with formal garments then we would suggest you to start with the black suits since it is one of the classic styles. For example you can style the tan double breasted belted coat over an outfit of black suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie. Round off the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

If you are going with the business casual look then you can style the black trench coat belted with an outfit of navy blazer paired with white dress shirt and black dress pants. A pair of black leather loafers would be enough to complement the outfit. While choosing the belted coats for the formal garments you might be tempted to choose the usual colors like black and navy since these are the ones that are usually recommended. If your office has strict formal dress codes then these might be the right choices. But of it isn’t the case then we would suggest you to explore a little before you decide on a color. Lighter shades like camel coats and beige belted wool would also pair well with the formal garments.

Moving on to the styling of the coats with the smart casual and casual outfits we really meant what we said when we mentioned that the belted coats are versatile. Whether you pair it with the formal or casual garments they provide an impressive look for the wearer. Here are some off duty belted wool outfits that you can check out.

Belted wool coat For a simple and easy look to put together you can style the charcoal grey ankle length coat belted with an outfit of blue wool knit turtleneck and a pair of grey chinos. To complement the rugged silhouette of the outfit add a pair of white and black athletic shoes. On the other hand if you are looking for a chic and trendy look then we would suggest you to style the Alberto nardoni belted coat with a dark blue v neck t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. A pair of white canvas high top sneakers would be a perfect finish to the outfit.

You can also choose to go with the patterns on the coats. Usually people prefer the plain styles but if you want an unique look then choose the patterned coats. Plaid belted wool are the ones that you should start with since you can pair them with almost any garments. Other than this there is also the option of going with the printed coats but they are best suited to be worn with the casual outfits.